What Does a Basic Car Service Involve?

If you have recently passed your driving test and are about to buy your very first car, there are some things you should know regarding maintenance. The modern automobile comprises of around 30,000 separate components, and this complex machine requires regular servicing, which would include all of the following:

Car Service

  • Engine Oil Change – This should happen at every service interval, which would be around every 5-8,000 miles and the oil and air filters would also be changed. Engine oil loses some of its properties when it is worn and this could damage the engine. If you need your car serviced, there is affordable car servicing in Bexhill-on-Sea from a local garage.
  • Belt Checks – Timing belts should be checked for wear and tear, as should the belts that power the water pump, the radiator and alternator. If the belt is too loose, it should be adjusted.
  • Spark Plugs – If your car is powered by a gasoline engine, then the spark plugs should be inspected for wear and tear. Typically, the spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 miles.
  • Coolant Levels – The coolant in the radiator, a mixture of water and anti-freeze, should be checked and topped up when necessary. The gearbox oil, power steering, brake and clutch fluid would all be checked and topped up if needed.

The full details of every service would be written in the owner’s manual, which should be followed, and might include checking brake pads, shock absorbers and other components, depending on the mileage. Once the service is complete, the garage would stamp the relevant page in the owner’s manual to show that the work was carried out. Learn more about the techniques to get your vehicle completely checked up, on this website:




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