What Does Good Content Mean? Now Explained

If you’re a beginner to digital marketing or blogging, you must have heard people say one phrase all the time – good content is important.

If you’re tired of hearing it, don’t be. The people telling you this are not wrong. Good content indeed is important. It is perhaps the thing truly bulletproof in the transient nature of digital marketing.

The problem is that the definition of ‘good content’ is hazy at best. What is good for one person may be average to another. If you’re only just beginning your career in the field, the many variations of what may or may not be ‘good content’ is likely to drive you nuts.

In this article, we explore the role of content in digital media, a definitive definition of ‘good content’, and how ‘good content’ can be created.

Role of Content In Digital Media

Why does anyone go online?

Leaving aside functional tasks like paying bills or ordering something, why does a person really go online? To scroll through a social media feed? To watch a movie on Netflix? To look for something with Google?

What is common in all these experiences? Each of these activities is driven by content. To make sure someone is able to enjoy these experiences and walk away with satisfaction, someone behind the scenes is working day and night to create content.

The role of content in digital media is the same as the role of fuel in a car. One cannot work if the other is not in place. Without content, the entire digital media experience is futile.

We have a habit of restricting content as being a reference to text only. Any type of media, from video to images and even audio can be seen as a legitimate form of content. In this day and age where users have a preference for content in different mediums, no digital marketer or blogger can afford to be obtuse and consider content to be text only.

What is ‘Good Content’?

We now know content is the fuel driving user experience in digital media. Now good content is likely to create a good experience and bad content is likely to create a bad experience.

So is good content any type of content that ends up with the users having a good experience. Yes, but that definition is too simplistic.

Good content can refer to any form of content that is able to trigger a good experience for its target audience. A blog post on digital marketing is not supposed to entertain and inform someone not interested in digital marketing. However, if the same blog post manages to teach something to someone interested or a part of the digital marketing domain, it can be called ‘good content’

How Can Good Content be Created Regularly?

There is no special recipe to create good content. In order to create good content, you must remember one simple rule – create for an audience, not for a search engine.

Good content creators always know their audience inside out. This fundamental law may be simple to understand, bu marketers always struggle to create good content despite knowing. Any topic selected, any line written, any message given should resonate with the audience. Nothing else matters as far as creating good content is concerned.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the perennial question in digital marketing about ‘good content and how it can be created. Learn more about the importance of quality content on publishing platforms like YouTube and Blogger, on this website:

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