What makes resort popular for open air weddings

impressive outdoor places for weddings outdoor weddings outdoor and adorable wedding ceremony venueTo successfully accomplish the daunting task of wedding you need a large space to accommodate your friends and relatives. Plus, you need space for performing various rituals where you can make each and every guest sit comfortably. Arranging weddings in a closed arena are passé. People love to explore with their thoughts and always come up with “out of the box” ideas.

With engagement in a hot air balloon, weddings on the sea side, theme weddings have blown away the concept of weddings that use to take place till now. People opt for an open air wedding that adds thrill and excitement to their celebrations. There is no match to feelings that are attached to open celebrations. In Hindu mythology there are certain rituals that are performed in open like Phere, Haldi Haath etc.

When you choose to a closed wedding place, you need to shortlists your guest list. Your banquet hall may not have enough sitting space to accommodate your large number of invitees. But a good resort near Bangalore helps you with ample space. So invite as many guests as you wish to your celebrations. After all, its happy occasion and it says happiness doubles when you share it with your near and dear ones.

One of the astounding feature of the Nandi Hills resort (Click here for more info) is that it enjoys excellent connectivity. With butter smooth road you can easily lend at the place with ease. A few hours’ drive from the city is worth it as you enjoy the beautiful sight scenes. These sight scenes act like a superb background for your selfies and shots. Add a natural environment to your picture by clicking as many as you wish.

The pleasant weather that is the USB of the place help you feel energized and refreshed. After all you need it for dancing on the floor with your family and friends and not-to-mention the new couple. Meeting each and every member becomes easier when wedding is planned in an open air. This also gives you enough space to walk down to your guests and welcome them with a warm hug.

To enjoy different delicacies, you need to be in an open space. In the closed place you may feel choked with fumes that come out of the food. Or you may feel exhausted with so many people gathered around. Enjoy tasty food within a natural environment and let your taste buds not forget its lingering taste.

After or during the wedding, if you feel exhausted and wish to take some rest, then you have an array of rooms to help you with your relaxation needs. You may use the room for keeping your gifts and return gifts handy. Planning an open air wedding has its own virtues apart from adding thrill and adventure to your special occasion as it help you get connected with all your invitees in a comfortable position.

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