When to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer

In the event of an accident in Austin, an investigating officer will inspect the scene to help determine, among other things, the driver at fault. If you’re found to be at fault, your auto insurance company will pay an auto accident lawyer in Austin to represent you. If you’re found to be at fault and have no liability insurance, the legal charges will have to be paid for by you.

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Accurately determining whose responsible for the accident is paramount when trying to recover damages. The state of Texas is subscribed to ‘proportionate responsibility’ or the doctrine of comparative fault which states that two or more people can be at fault for an accident – in what can be described as “partially at fault” – and you can still recover damages even if you were one of the parties at fault.

If the negligent party is the other driver, the information below will help you decide if it is necessary to hire an attorney or not.

When the damage is on a property only

If the car accident caused property damage only, some people believe that seeking the service of an attorney would be pointless. Well, it is true that most insurance companies have a smooth recovery procedure for a damaged property, but some additional items may make it too complex for you to comprehend.

For instance, if the damage is not too extensive, the insurance company may hire a rental vehicle for you to use while your car gets repaired. If you have a second car that you can use in the meantime, the insurance company will have to pay you $25 a day for each day you’re unable to use your car. You may also be eligible to compensation for your vehicle’s decrease in value due to damage from the accident.

Extensive vehicle damage and bodily injury

If you sustain injuries and/or your car gets hugely damaged, you may need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. You need to do this quickly because there are things such as medical care and medical bills that ought to be handled as soon as possible if you are to preserve the value of your claim. You can cause a lot of damage to your claim by delaying it for too long. Some lawyers turn down potential clients who have apparently taken too long to file a claim. This is because, beyond a particular stage, it is hard for even the best of attorneys to reverse the damage.

When to hire an auto accident lawyer in Austin

Seeking the services of an attorney within a week of the accident can massively increase your chances of recovering damages. Thanks to their experience in assisting people like you, your attorney will draft a plan to maximize your compensation and even explain to you why you’re feeling the pains or discomfort you’re feeling, and the diagnostic tests you should brace for. A competent attorney will maneuver the claim-handling procedure by themselves while leaving the client to deal with just their injuries.

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