Which is the best time to visit the Neurologist

The neurologist is considered to be medical experts who can provide treatment to issues that affects the spinal cord, nervous system, and the brain. There are two specific treatment areas that are treated by the specialists, which are sleep disorders and chronic pain.


Pain treatment

By identifying and managing the painful muscular disorders such as MS, the best neurosurgeon in India are said to offer patients with effective and safe treatment, thus providing relief from chronic pain. It is through the nervous system that pain gets relayed to the brain. A foreign stimulus is identified that tends to translate the amount of injury into extreme pain. A nerve bundle is hosted by the spinal cord, which in turn sends the message of extreme pain within seconds to the brain.

However, these messages during chronic pain, does not seem to stop even after healing of the injury. Some contributing factors for constant pain messages to be send due to long term conditions like arthritis and the pathways getting damaged. It is assumed to be the main reason for excessive stimulus caused to pain centre, thus creating a memory. Although no current injury may be present, pain response still could be the same.

Be the pain of short or long term, or due to some unknown causes or a trauma, the best neurosurgeon in India neurologist is sure to offer the very best and most appropriate treatment. Based upon the patients’ medical history, pain sites and physical impairments, the neurologist could order several types of tests for determining the pain’s pathway and actual cause. After diagnosing the issue, a treatment plan is developed and executed.

Sleep disorders

Besides pain control, the neurologist does provide treatment for sleep disorders. Several types of disorders do exist emerging from different types of causes. Some common sleep disorder types which is addressed by the qualified neurologist.

  • Sleep apnea: It is considered to be a common disorder having the potentiality to cause serious health complications if proper and timely treatment is not provided. If the tissues within the throat collapse, then obstructive sleep apnea takes place. It may also cause, if tongue falls back into the throat, thus preventing proper breathing. Another type called central sleep apnea takes place if the brain is found not to send message to help the respiratory muscles to function properly. Long term effects could be serious which includes enlarged heart, heart attacks or heart failure, headaches and strokes.
  • Insomnia: It is regarded to be a sleep disorder making it tough for the person to stay or fall asleep. Inability to sleep known as Comorbid insomnia is due to various health conditions like chronic pain and depression.
  • Narcolepsy: This sleep disorder is said to come with significant repercussions. It is often stated as neurological problem, even though not every case is the same. Patients might experience paralysis as they wake up from sleep and are not able to move extremities. The other patients could sleep when driving car or working.

Such disorders can be treated and controlled with proper diagnosis and treatment offered by the neurologists.

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