Why Are Breast Augmentations So Popular?

Whenever people see a woman with perky large breasts, the most common question that pops in their head is whether it’s real or the result of a breast augmentation. Before when someone gets a boob job, the results are always clearly obvious in appearance, and sometimes there’s even some very noticeable scarring. Nowadays some doctors are so good at it that it’s hard to tell if someone’s breasts are real or not.

Women are getting breast augmentations in greater numbers. Here are some of the reasons for the popularity of this cosmetic procedure:

  1. Women like perky breasts. Women don’t necessarily want their breasts to be larger. In fact, many of them just want their breasts to be perky, which is quite an improvement over saggy breasts. It’s usually regarded as a sign of youth, and who wants to look like an old woman when you can look like a vixen?
  2. It inspires confidence. Lots of studies have confirmed that women who get breast implants do so because they don’t have enough confidence in their body. But when they get their new breasts, it’s more than a physical transformation. It’s almost a psychological and emotional makeover. The feelings of uncertainty and dissatisfaction are replaced by confidence.
  3. You fill out your top better. Women’s tops are often designed with to accommodate large breasts, so a top doesn’t really look right when a woman is flat chested. But when you have your breasts augmented, the feeling of a top hugging you in all the right places is simply priceless. You look better as well even with a simple V-neck shirt with just a hint of cleavage.
  4. There’s no need for bra fillers. Sometimes those bra fillers and special tricks are just embarrassing. No need to stuff your bra with toilet paper to add a bit of volume before heading off for a night on the town.
  5. Even the size of the areola can be altered. Some women prefer that their areola doesn’t take up half of their breasts. There’s a surgery procedure for this, and often it’s requested by who have very large areolas. Getting them reduced can make you feel better when you see yourself naked in the mirror.
  6. You can look better after having babies. Yes, it’s true that babies are great and all that, but they’re not exactly terrific for the shape of the breasts. Some women appreciate it when their breasts become larger during the pregnancy, but once the baby is born, then the advantages of bigger breasts disappear. With constant breastfeeding and milk pumping, the breasts take a beating. While some women recover remarkably well afterwards, things don’t look all that good after baby number two or three.

Nowadays breast augmentation procedures are safe and produce natural-looking results. So if you want some work done on your breasts, go for it. Nobody would even know except you, and you reap all the benefits.

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