Why People Are Obsessed With “Unicorn Tears” Makeup Primer?

Different makeup and skin care products get to the market almost every dawn. They differ in their content, production methods, producers, and chemical variations. They, however, have a common goal: to enhance the beauty of the user or enhance skin care. The latest brand of these products being the unicorn tears, which has broke loose on the internet. Produced by Farsali, this skin care brand has overtaken the internet waves. Its first release, Rose Gold Elixir, was a hit in the market then. The new product from this company has cast out doubts of not being a better skin care products production company.

Why the Naming?

Many people wonder with its magical name, the unicorn tears. Well, there are two main reasons that made the manufacturers choose this name. First, as you may know, happy tears released by an actual unicorn appear as pink sparkly serum. This is synonymous with these products contents. Secondly, its formula describes it all.

About the Product

Like other products released by Farsali, unicorn tears is certainly a genuine product. So to say, leading marketers and users have described the product to be an oil free solution, acting as a double purpose serum in the body. The product multitasks. On ingredients, the product is free from harmful contents such as sulfates, parabens and dangerous oil that people fear to be carcinogenic. This makes the product safe for use in all conditions. This product also absorbs almost immediately into the body, through the skin pores, but does not cause blockages.

Reviews gathered from various sources indicate this product to be chalky or otherwise greasy. Unlike other products that may peel out, the unicorn does not. This, therefore, provides an assurance of a longer-lasting application. When described as multipurpose, the product not only protects the skin from damage by free radicals but also preps the skin for makeup application. Additionally, the product contains antioxidants including acai, goji berry, blueberry extracts, elderberry and vitamin c, which ensures a brighter, even skin tone. Due to this properties, the product can be used for all skin types, i.e.,. Dry, oily or sensitive skins.

Having said this, there is a special caution for individuals with excessively oily skins. It is prudent to use it as a two in one moisturizer. However, the product will also work best when mixed with a moisturizer and applied together either in the morning or night to boost skin hydration.

How to use the Product

Due to the multipurpose usage, experts in this sector will advise you on the best ways to bring the best out of this product. Apart from the tremendous beauty effects, the product comes along with; there are other unsung benefits and uses of the product. Among them, include effects on skin hydration. When mixed with night cream otherwise commonly known as the sleeping pack, unicorn tears help to curb skin-hydrating effects.

The product also has a shimmer that can be used as a layer to any of your favorite to improve the outlook. For instance, blending with a cream formula on top of the cheekbones before applying powder highlighter brings out a space glow impact on the cheeks. In other words, this product can act as a highlighter amplifier.

Unicorn Tears Brushes

To complement and create uniformity when using the product, Unicorn brushes are available. They come in different color options providing an avenue for making a choice. Lovers of this mythical product will, therefore, find less trouble when applying the product. Though not yet out yet, the brushes have opalescent white handles, rainbow-hued bristles, and a total dreamy overall effect. To add to this, the brushes are encased in silver or black holographic case, a diamond in shape.

How to get the Product

With all these anxiety and excitement, unicorn tears products were released on December 7th. However, many people who had clues about the product had placed preorders for the product. You can, therefore, place your order through their website, indicating your location and it will be delivered accordingly. From the site, a 500 ml bottle retails at $42.50. Compared to other products of this stature, this is relatively cheap.


Top-notch beauty is achieved by using good quality products. The release of unicorn tears provides a shortcut and simpler way of enhancing your appearance. However, to ensure the said effects, getting the services of an expert is not an option. The professional should also be armed with the essential tools to for quality services. This product, though barely released, has taken the internet, especially individuals in the beauty sector by storm. This is solely attributed to the undoubted performance of the product.

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