Why People Prefer Cremation Today

pl11432055 cremation casket with swing bars full couch usa style eco coffin cardboardCremation normally offers a lower-cost option when memorialising the deceased. Therefore, it is now being chosen by many people as a funeral option. Whilst some cremated remains are buried, other creative disposal methods are available as well.

Disposing of the Ashes from a Cremation Service

A funeral director can look after the ashes from a cremation until you decide what to do with them. Some of the disposal methods for cremation services in Dursley include the following:

  • Ashes are interred in a cemetery or churchyard, which is similar to burial, except that the ashes and not the body are A certificate of cremation issued from the crematorium is required if the ashes are directed to an official site, such as a cemetery or churchyard.
  • Ashes are scattered in a favourite public place of the deceased.
  • Ashes are interred in the athletic field of a favourite sports team.
  • The ashes are sometimes part of a fireworks display.
  • Some people have their loved ones’ ashes spun into objects, such as glass paperweights.
  • Ashes may be crushed into semi-precious stones or diamonds.
  • Ashes are sometimes scattered from an airplane or glider.

Discuss Your Wishes with a Funeral Director

As you can see, you have a number of options from which to choose. In some instances, family members elect to maintain the cremains in a private residence. If you are pre-planning a cremation, you want to make sure that your final wishes are met in this respect. Therefore, if you feel that you would prefer this type of service, you need to become acquainted with the requirements that have been established for this type of funeral. Talk to a funeral director today about pre-planning.

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