Why there’s nothing quite like a Manali to Spiti Valley bus ride

“The journey matters more than the destination” is an old saying, and it is the mantra of travellers all around the world, and on a Manali to Spiti Valley bus ride, it comes to mind again and again.

The ever-increasing popularity of Manali tour packages is hardly surprising. The metamorphosis of what was once just a small village into one of the tourist hotspots of Himachal Pradesh has been rapid, and it offers plenty of reasons to tourists to pack their bags and witness it in all its glory.

Over the last few years, Manali has played host to many tourists on their way to the legendary Spiti Valley, which is known not just for its astounding beauty, but also its inaccessibility. Manali acts as a gateway to the valley, and you can choose between local buses and heavy duty vehicles for the journey. Even though jeep or Tata Sumo travel is much faster, the bus journey has plenty of positives, and it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Early Morning Start

Since private vehicles are much faster than the local buses, they offer an option of starting late in the day. However, the tourist rush at the Rohtang Pass during the day is bound to delay vehicles that start late. The HRTC bus from Manali to Spiti leaves Manali at 5:00 AM and it ensures that passengers are smoothly through the Rohtang Pass area without any halts due to traffic.

Interaction with the Locals

A place is nothing without its people, and this can be one of the disadvantages of taking a private car. Locals travelling between Manali and Spiti mostly take the daily bus, and it is a great way to experience their warmth and acquaint yourself with the way they talk and go about their daily life. The hospitality and warmth of the locals in these parts of the Himalayas is unparalleled. So let yourself be at ease, and immerse in a completely new world.

Pay a Fraction of the Private Vehicle Fare

A private vehicle typically charges around Rs. 9000 – 10000 for a one way journey from Manali to Spiti, which makes it very expensive, especially for solo travellers and small groups. However, the local HRTC bus plying between Manali and Spiti charges less than Rs. 400 for a seat, which makes it the ideal option for budget travellers.

People who have booked Manali tour packages and travelled to Spiti on the local bus have several splendid tales to tell. The spectacular transformation of the terrain right before your very eyes, and the positive vibes from the locals and your fellow travellers are sure to live long in your memory. Learn more about different activities you can try on a trip, on this website:

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