3 Highlights of US Open Tennis 2018

If you’ve missed the last couple of US Open Tennis events, this year brings one that you really don’t want to miss. The games – which also mark the 50th anniversary of US Open – are monumental in more ways than one.

Time and place should not even be on the list of reasons why you are going to miss this event. Even if you are outside the US, you can easily stream US Open Tennis live with a VPN from home or anywhere.

Before we get to streaming though, why should you even tune in at all?

1) Biggest Pocket Ever

Back in the year 2017 when we heard that the US Open would be offering a total pay-out of just over $50 million, we thought that was the best thing that could happen. Fast forward to this year and we have a whopping $53 million pocket to be shared among the competitors.

That not only represents a 57% increment in the prize money since the year 2013 but also means the final winners (in both men and women singles category) will be entitled to $3.8 million apiece. If you have been doing the maths too, that represents an $100,000 increase from individual prize money from last year.

Of course, that also means more money goes to more competitors. Inadvertently, that means more people will desire to have that cash. Guess how much fun that is going to be for you!

2) The Silver Jubilee

The US Open has been around and entertaining us for a while. This generational phenomenon in the world of tennis has seen greats such as Ivan Lendi who dominated the finals for eight consecutive years, the lady genius that was Billie Jean King and what could be their present-day reincarnates in the duo of Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.

Now poised to celebrate the 50th anniversary, this is a monumental mark that promises to bring with it a lot of fanfare and celebration.

The organizers only get to do this once and you won’t want to be one of those that missed the celebrations for anything. Even if you have not been following all of the games, this year sure brings a good deal of nostalgia with it.

Promise of blasts from the past, a performance of the present and peek into the future, the wait is almost killing.

3) Serena’s Comeback

Becoming one of the best women players in the history of world tennis and arguably the best player in the last decade didn’t come easy for Serena Williams. She had to fight on the courts to get there.

She replicated this remarkable strength and will to never give up after enduring post-birth complications that threatened to take her life. Since recovery, she has gone on to be a great mother to little Olympia while also sharpening her skills on the courts.

Her bounce back was so phenomenal that she lost out only in the finals in the recent Wimbledon 2018, and we’re hoping to see her greatest comeback this month on US soil in New York. You surely don’t want to miss that.

Now that you know how much is at stake, and the anticipation around the return of one US Open’s greatest icons, it’s time to start counting down to 27 Aug, the commencement date of US Open Tennis 2018.

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