Why is it important to moisturise regularly?

It is quite evident to everyone that moisturising your skin is extremely important to maintain healthy, soft and supple skin. But do you the reason why? The most obvious answer to this is that your skin gets dry. But that is not all, dry skin can in turn cause a lot of other ill effects on your skin that you need to be aware of. The more you know, the better you will be able to protect your skin against them.

To avoid these ill effects of dry skin, properly moisturising your skin is very necessary. If you fail to moisturise your skin correctly over a long period of time some of these will happen to your skin:

  1. The risk of developing more wrinkles on your skin increases when you stop moisturising your skin correctly. When you are young you might not see the effects of missing out on moisturisation. But later on you will notice that you developed wrinkles much earlier than others. A low-grade chronic inflammation is caused when you compromise the skin barrier causing the dryness of skin. The ongoing inflammation in a low level will ultimately cause the breakdown of collagen and accelerate the aging process. To avoid this buy the best all handmade face cream and use it daily.
  2. If you already have wrinkles, then they will look much worse than before if you don’t moisturise properly. When your skin is dehydrated all the fine lines on it shows quite easily. A good skin moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid or any other good moisturising agent can protect your skin against it.
  3. It the outside weather is pretty cold then your complexion will appear flaky and dull. In most locations the humidity level decreases in winter. The dry air can thus dehydrate your skin and also strip off its lipids. The lipids form an important part of the protective outer layer, so without them the irritants can easily enter and cause flaking and redness of the skin.
  4. Without proper moisturisation your acne condition will aggravate. It might sound counterintuitive, but dryness cause acne to become worse. If you don’t want to feel too much greasy then get a moisturiser that will suit your needs. People with acne-prone skin should continue their acne regime along with using a non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and oil-free moisturiser.
  5. If you don’t apply your moisturiser, then you will lose out on a layer of protection for your skin. Many of the other skin care products that you might be using contain ingredients which are rather drying. So when you use these products and don’t follow up by applying moisturiser you might risk acquiring the side effects of over drying, such as red and peeling skin. Using a good handmade face cream can solve a lot of your problems.
  6. Drying of skin causes the upper layer to become tight. This causes itching and can be pretty uncomfortable. Having itchy skin all day long is no fun. Furthermore scratching your itchy dry skin forms white line to form on your skin which doesn’t loo

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