4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Invisalign treatment

The placement of dental braces is proven to be the best way to guarantee a beautiful smile if you have misaligned teeth. However, getting used to braces can be a challenge. To make this change easier, Invisalign offers many advantages you can’t get with metal braces. Here are four reasons to choose Invisalign over traditional braces.

1. Won’t Change Your Appearance

Getting braces can be traumatic for children, but Invisalign treatment will barely alter their appearance. Since Invisalign aligners are transparent, they’re hard to notice unless someone is standing right next to you. This helps young people maintain self-confidence and concentrate on more important things like schoolwork and having fun with friends.

2. No Restrictions on Food

While you should always avoid sweets as much as possible, Invisalign braces place no food restrictions on the wearer. With metal braces, you must avoid sticky candy, crunchy foods, seeds and corn on the cob. Invisalign allows you to remove your straighteners for any meal, as long as you wear them for the required 22 hours per day.

3. Easy to Keep Clean

With traditional braces, you have limited control over how well you can clean your teeth. Since Invisalign is removable, you can easily pop them out to properly brush your teeth and also wash the aligners themselves. You can purchase a special cleaning solution or use a clear soap that won’t stain the trays.

4. Perfect for Any Age

Another advantage of Invisalign is that it’s suitable for any age. If you’re an adult interested in improving your smile, Invisalign is an excellent choice. You’ll require fewer visits to the dentist than with regular braces, which is especially beneficial for those with busy work schedules.

If you need braces for yourself or your child, consider Invisalign aligners. They’re easy to care for, barely noticeable and perfect for both children and adults.

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