Thank You Cards After The Wedding: 4 Tips For Writers

to set aside some time to write and send your stylish photo wedding thank you cards to family and friends.

It’s good wedding etiquette to send a thank you note to everyone who helped to make your special day so magical and memorable. To ensure that your thank you cards are perfectly personalised and beautifully presented, just follow our 4 practical tips…

1. Practice Penmanship

No matter how stunning the image that is captured on your photo wedding thank you cards may be, you can easily spoil the overall effect of your thoughtful thank you message with poor penmanship. With practice you can improve your handwriting, even if it currently looks like a spider’s inky trail or an unreadable mess.

Write a short paragraph on a piece of paper, and then take a moment to analysis your writing style. Check the spacing of the letters and words, and the heights. Do the letters slant or tilt? Does your writing remain consistent, or is your style all over the place? Do you forget to dot the I’s and to cross the t’s? Examining your writing will help you identify how you can best improve it.

It’s highly recommended that you experiment with different styles and types of pens, to find which one makes your writing look its most attractive. Try out pens that write faster on textured paper, and slower on smooth.

Practice writing daily lists of chores, journaling and general note taking. Before too long you’ll feel comfortable handwriting a letter to a friend, and confident writing your wedding thank you cards.

2. Get Organised

Before you get stuck into writing thank you cards to send to all of your wedding guests, it’s helpful to get organised.

Create a list of guest names, and write down the gift that each person gave you next to their name. This practical tip will help you avoid any confusion over who gave what, and will ensure that you thank the right person for the present received.

Check the spellings of names, and make sure that you’re up-to-date with guest addresses. It would be such a shame if your carefully worded, elegantly handwritten note went AWOL in the post because you failed to check the important details.

Guests love to know that their gift is appreciated. When thanking a guest for a cash gift, let them know how their generosity will benefit your married life. A quick mention of how the cash will be spent is all that you need to write besides the salutation, name and words of thanks.

Sharing the workload with your spouse means that you can get the thank you card writing done more quickly and efficiently. To make the task more fun, tackle it in small piles or batches of cards, instead of one big chunk. Play your favourite music and enjoy a glass of wine together, as you sit and write the thank you notes in the evening.

If you’re super organised, you may prefer to send your thank you note as soon as you receive a pre-wedding gift. For gifts received before your big day, wedding etiquette dictates that you have a two-week window of time in which to write and send your cards.

3. Write From The Heart

Sending a note of gratitude is a lovely way to let loved ones know how much you value and appreciate them. It’s polite to write a thank you card to everyone who joined you on your wedding day, and also to anyone who sent a gift, regardless of whether or not they were in attendance. You may also like to thank your hardworking wedding planner, supplier and vendors for helping to make your day so special.

Before you put pen to paper, think about the person you are writing to. Express your gratitude in a genuine way, and a short and simple message. There’s absolutely no need to write a novel.

Thank your guest for joining you in celebrating your wedding, and for the thoughtful gift they gave you. You can also add a line that describes how you plan to use the item.

If you need some inspiration, admire the gorgeous imagery of your photo wedding thank you cards, and fondly recall happy memories. When you write from the heart your message evokes emotion and sentiment, and your carefully chosen words are cherished.

4. Use A Thank You Template

If you have a mountain of thank you cards to write, it’s common to run out of creative steam when personalising your messages. Wedding thank-you card templates allow you to speed up the note writing process.

A thank you card template can simplify the task of writing, especially if you have a large number of guests to thank. Pick your favourite style of wording and add your own personal touches, to avoid all of the messages being too samey or generic.

Complement your chic photo wedding thank you cards by handwriting a thoughtful message inside that you can easily customise by adding a mention of the specific gift. Alternatively, you may prefer to reserve the thank you template for cards that you need to write to send to someone who didn’t attend or to say thank you for a gift that you didn’t like. Learn more about the various traditional activities on the wedding occasion, on this website:

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