Know Every Important Details of FamilyClass Visa Canada


We all know the importance of family living together and so does the Canadian Government because of this fact government of Canada have permitted immigration for different family members. Some members from family like: children, spouse could be included at the beginning of visa application for every new migrant to Canada, whereas family members like grandparents, parents and other members need to be sponsored under the permanent residents and Canadian citizenship.

Things required for family migrants

There are different situations in which every family member can be granted with the family visa for Canada.

  • For partners and spouses: your partner of spouse can be normally added in the visa application which you have occupied for migration. Common-law partner can be of any sex with whom the applicants have spent at least one year. Some proof and information are needed of the partner just like the principal applicant on the form visa application.
  • Children: after August 2014 the only minor who is still below the nineteen years of age could be include with the same visa of the ain applicant. The age limit can be a secondary thing if the minor or children is suffering from any mental disorder or any other health conditions. Formerly. Children under the age group of 22years can be included.
  • Grandparents and parents:in majority of the cases parents and grandparents are not included in the beginning of the applicants visa application and instead of this they need to be sponsored under permanent citizen and resident, but if they are living in some kind of hardship which is fascinating compassionate and humanitarian reasons allows them to get included in the main application.

Eligibility for grandparents and parents

If you want to benefactor your grandparents to get permission for entering Canada as a PR (Permanent Residence) your parents and grandparents need to co-sign sponsorship agreement that says:

  • Applicant must need to give necessary financial support
  • And that grandparents and parents will share every important measure in order to uphold their self financially.

Some important restrictions

You may become unable to sponsor your grandparents or parents for not following every necessary condition:

  • When you are not able to fulfil every financial support for the relatives who you have sponsored in past
  • If you are presently in prison
  • Have ever got sentenced for sexual or violent offence, or any other kind of offence against your relative
  • You are declared as bankrupt

Other relatives

There are some sponsored applications that can be made for the orphaned relatives who are still under the age of nineteen years like sister, brother, nephew, grandchild or niece. Eligibility criteria and restrictions are all same as they were in for grandparents and parents.

Moreover you can normally add or sponsor child who is under the age of nineteen years that you are planning to foster, but you need to follow every laws and rules which are required for adopting a children from foster house.

If you still want to know more about this family class visa in Canada then you can go nearby embassy of Canada in your area. Learn more about the different types of documents and specifications you have to meet in order to visit Canada, on this website:

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