5 Bike service Tips for Enhancing the Life of your Bike

bikeTwo wheelers are zippy modes of transportation that require expert care as they are exposed to elements like dirt and dust all the time. If you maintain your bike properly and get it serviced regularly, there is a good chance that it will last you more than a few decades. This article lists out five service tips that can enhance the life of your bike greatly. Keep reading.

Motorbikes are complicated machines with various parts that synchronise together to help people ride it smoothly and efficiently. Two-wheelers are still some of the cheapest and fastest modes of transport in many countries of the world. Passionate owners have managed to preserve their motorcycles through decades. Here are five essential tips that can help you enhance the life of your bike:

  1. Make a habit of checking the Engine Oil Level

Engine oil plays a major role in the smooth operation of the engine, and hence you should make it a habit to check your engine oil levels regularly. You should also pay close attention to the consistency and colour of the oil. If it turns darker or thicker, then it is time to change the oil. These symptoms signify carbon deposits in the oil which slowly decreases engine’s performance, reduces efficiency and the life of engine as well. Hence, it is highly important that you change your engine oil as soon as you notice such symptoms. You can also look into mechanics nearby that are willing to change the oil for your bike at a nominal charge.

  1. Make it a habit to clean the air filter regularly

Most metro cities in India face acute polluted conditions. Most bike air filters get clogged up after a month of daily use. Hence, you should make it a habit to clean the air filter regularly or get it replaced during a bike service. You could also get after-market filters that increase performance, but you will still have to clean it regularly. You can get doorstep mechanics to clean your air filters at a nominal charge from online services.

  1. Regular Servicing

Most two-wheeler owners stop getting their bikes serviced after the first few sponsored services that come free of charge with the vehicle. This leads to a heavy load on the engine which reduces its life significantly. You should get your bike service done regularly as they will take care of your vehicle by cleaning it, realigning the wheels, cleaning air filters, replacing engine oils, replacing brake oils and a lot more. This will help you enjoy the bike without worrying about its workings. You can opt for online services that provide certified professionals with original spare parts at a very discounted price. These professionals will service your bike at your doorstep for a nominal charge, which relieves you of the duty of visiting the service centre regularly.

  1. Regularly replace your Tyres

Tyres are an essential part of any two-wheeler. They support and help maintain balance of the vehicle. You should check their pressure and condition regularly as most of the accidents that occur in India are due to poorly maintained tyres that either burst or have no grip at all. If you want, you can carry a pocket-sized tyre pressure checker which will help you keep a good track of the tyre pressure.

  1. Always keep a Working Battery

A motorcycle’s battery is an essential part that is responsible for keeping electricals of the two-wheeler running, without any failure. Hence, you should keep a good track of the health of the battery and replace the depleted cells with distilled water regularly.

People have been known to preserve their bikes for ages through the means of regular maintenance and servicing. You can do the same too; the above-stated points will help you maintain your bike in good operational condition for years to come.

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