How to Get Rid Of Pimples

One major problem with which half of the teenage population suffers from is ‘PIMPLE”. One of the worst nightmares for teenage and adult women is to wake up with inflamed pimples or papules in their face, and they keep wondering ways on how to get rid of pimples.

While there are several ways to avoid pimples and acne, but usually it is not easy to get rid of the acne marks.

Nutrition can be an effective way to regulate the pimples, so proper intake of fruits, vegetables and a balanced diet can help a person achieve a clear, radiant marks-free skin. It is also advised to incorporate proper nutrient with vitamins and necessary fibre to fight the acne problem. Some of the best answer for one of the most asked question called How to get rid of pimples’ is described below:

  1. Honey –

It is the best ingredient to tackle pimple problem as honey is a great antiseptic and it soothes and heal skin naturally. It is superb to be applied on healing bumps, acne, papules and inflamed pimples as it has antibacterial properties.

It also helps to keep the skin hydrated, free from bacterial growth and acts as a moisturizer by keeping skin supple and soft. If you are dealing with regular pimple breakouts, just dap honey on the affected area and it will soothe the existing breakouts by making acne disappear. It can also improve complexion and add radiance to your face.

  1. Salt –

You can also use salt for tackling acne solution as it works by drying up the outer part of the pimple and eliminating redness from the skin. It has detoxifying properties as well and so salty treatment has been proven to be effective for acne breakouts and papules. It also works by contracting skin and pushing out all the dead skin cells from the pores.

Salt is also good source of magnesium and other important nutrients that are requires to fight acne. Salt treatment must be considered as an exfoliator to eliminate pimples and improve the texture of the skin. But the excessive use of salt is not good as it can cause dryness of skin and make your face look even worse.

  1. Milk-

It is another great natural remedy to remove acne. Use of fresh milk as a cleanser is highly recommended by skin specialist as will not only fade out the acne marks but also make the skin look healthier, fairer and brighter.

All you need to do is mix fresh milk with some oatmeal, add few lemon juice drops and apply the mixture above the affected area. Wash off after 30 minutes and you will notice the results within a week.

  1. Water –

Water is essential for keeping the skin hydrated, removing the toxicities and building new cell. So, drink at least 8 glasses of water a days and get rid of your acne scars.

  1. Tomato –

Being rich in magnesium and essential vitamins, tomatoes are deemed as a perfect solution for keeps the skin glowing and away from all the blemishes, pimples and acne scars.

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