5 Compelling Reasons to Play And Enjoy Golf

Golf is a recreational, leisure outdoor sport popular among people of all age group. It is a kind of sport that test one’s patience and dedication towards his or her goal. According to the Spirit of Golf Foundation, the origin of golf take us 400 years back, when it was first played in Scotland, move to England, and then spread across the globe. Whether someone plays this game for a Sunday afternoon pleasure session or a professional golfer, there are lengths of reasons that compel him or her to:



The biggest reason to take up golfing is the thrill of competition; you can enjoy this fun activity with your friends and family on a weekend noon. In addition, not just the competitors’ around, someone, who plays golf, is always in a constant state of competition or challenge with the course itself. And, this becomes even more for people, who take part in a golf tournament, where adult non-professional golfers are invited.


Golfing is a perfect full body exercise, without actually making you run out of breath. On an average, the length of golf courses in Essex is approx 3.5 miles, equivalent to 6,000 yards. So, if you can ready to walk the course, then you are definitely doing your bit for your good health and physical wellbeing. Furthermore, a cart driver is also another beneficiary of golfing, as he or she walks between cart rides, bearing the weight of his or her golfing kit, and full muscle exercise is done with every swing of hands.

Adults can enjoy this game

Back in 2003, a study report read an amount of golfers in the world are 50 plus, and especially in the US, it accounts for 28% of senior golfer. Since the game is not excessively demanding, one gets the time to relax and play, unlike football, where you don’t time to feel the pain of a shot. This has become even less physical since the accessibility carts to carry golfing kit from one hole to another in golf courses in Essex.

Enjoy the aesthetic beauty of nature

How, about, playing golf on a wintry Sunday morning in the lap of nature, with the charming green grass embellishing the whole setting, against mountains, lakes, and even, the ocean makes golfing a wonderful recreational sport. In addition, nice breezy wind flowing across the golf courses in Essex, ensure you have a great day outdoor.

Enjoy with your family

Like, the game of cricket, golfing is perfect for a family day out, as the love for golfing can span the age range to every member of your family. A first-time golfer will relish making his or her first contact with the ball; he or she will enjoy learning the lessons of golfing from adult golfers. For an experienced golfer, it is the best way to showcase his or her golfing skill set posed by him or her.

At last, the above five reasons are compelling to pack your kitbag and step out of your dwelling for a game of golf.

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