5 Neighborhoods Where You Can Find Luxury Residences in Montreal

Many wealthy Canadians and foreigners are living in or moving to Montreal, and that’s understandable. If you ever visit the city and you’re part of the right social network, you may even find yourself lucky enough to gaze at these gorgeous homes. But where exactly are these beautiful homes? If you’re looking to buy luxury residences in Montreal, then perhaps you need to start your search in the following neighborhoods.

  1. Summit Park, Westmount. This isn’t just the wealthiest neighborhood in all of Montreal. It’s the richest community in all of Quebec. Here the average household income is more than $906,000 and the average household net worth is $11 million.

Here the average price of a house is $2.4 million. Summit Park is at the northwest part of Westmount, and it has one of Montreal’s highest peaks right in the middle of the area. The center of the place is Le parc Summit, and it’s a designated bird sanctuary with more than 180 avian species..

  1. Lexington Avenue, Westmount. It’s easy enough to say that the residents of this neighborhood are lucky. It’s not just because their average household net worth is almost $10 million or because the yearly annual household income is close to $600,000. It’s also because this is a secluded area with lots of trees and plants, as it’s tucked into a hill right behind the fantastic St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. This location is why the residents can easily get a terrific view of the city. The homes here sell for an average of $1.8 million., or art galleries. In a way, they’re less pretentious!
  2. Sunnyside & Edgehill, Westmount. If by now it isn’t obvious, let’s make it clear: if you’re looking for the perfect luxury home in
    Montreal – start with Westmount. This part of the town has narrow streets, and the average prices of homes here come to almost $2.5 million. That’s really not a problem with the residents, since their average net worth is almost $9.4 million and they earn more than half a million dollars a year per household.
  3. King George Park, Westmount. This is yet another prestigious area of Westmount, and here the homes cost an average of $2.4 million. This runs from Grosvenor Avenue in the south up to Forden Crescent in the north, and old-timers in the area still refer to this part of town as Murray Hill Park. People here have an average household net worth of more than $9.1 million, and the average annual household income is almost $580,000.
  4. Aberdeen & Forden, Westmount. In this part of town, The residents here are worth an average of about $7.75 million, and they earn more than $850,000 a year. That’s more than enough money to afford the average home price of $2 million.

Westmount is obviously the suburb to visit if you’re looking for luxurious living. The homes here have an inexplicable charm, as do the surrounding streets and parks. The homes here do come with a hefty price tag so they’re not for everyone. Condos and townhomes are more affordable but still much higher than the average home in Montreal.

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