Surprising Benefits of an Erotic Massage

In many cities around the world, erotic massages are very popular. While this form of therapy has Asian roots (specifically Indian and Chinese), it has become so popular that you can also get erotic massages in Montreal. An erotic or sensual massage is a perfectly acceptable way to relax and feel invigorated at the same time.

Here are some ways you can benefit from a real erotic massage:

  1. It relieves you of your stress. It’s safe to say that in the modern world a large part of your health depends greatly on how you deal with stress. With a proper massage, you get that relaxing treatment that somehow dissipates your stress levels in your body.

Too much stress is bad for your blood pressure and it’s a contributing factor to obesity and alcoholism. The constant mental pressure also doesn’t help. The list of potential medical issues that are related to stress include slower healing, sleeping problems, ulcers, body pain (especially the back, shoulder, and neck), and even the common cold.

  1. It relaxes your muscles. Muscles can be strained and tense, and a sensual massage also includes muscle pressure that provides relief. Your muscles need time to recuperate, especially when you’re constantly working out or engaged in sports. Ironically, even the people with inactive lifestyles find it better for their health when their muscles are massaged.
  2. It improves your social interactions. Man is inherently a social animal, and part of that is the need to touch and be touched. Why else do you think that hugs are so good for your emotional health? In this case, you affirm your innate humanity by being touched intimately, and it feels soothing. Massages, especially the more intimate styles, boost the level of oxytocin in your body. This is the hormone that affects your feelings of community and affection, and any increase for this invariably improves how you interact with other people. Basically, you may not be as grumpy as you were after a sensual massage.
  3. Massages improve the immune function. The relaxation you receive after a good sensual massage can lower your cortisone levels, and that’s a good thing. Too much cortisol in your system actually slows down your body’s ability to heal wounds. In fact, it’s also been discovered that the higher cortisone levels can reduce the effectiveness of some medicines (and especially vaccines).
  4. You’ll sleep better. People who get regular massages often find it easier to sleep at night. Then same is true when you’ve just had sex—sleeping is a natural reaction. Combining massages with sensuality virtually guarantees that one way or another you will improve the quality of your sleep at night.
  5. It can ward off depression. It’s long been known that involuntary celibacy and abstinence are more likely to lead to depression. People become dissatisfied with their life, frustrated at their lack of sexual encounters, and perhaps even angry at not having sexual gratification. This kind of emotional storm doesn’t make people attractive, and it compounds the problem.

An erotic massage certainly keeps you from abstaining if you don’t want to. The intimacy of the treatment helps wonders with your self-confidence, and it can dispel feelings of anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction. It can keep you from being depressed.

  1. It’s like taking a vacation. Ask people who go to the beach during vacations, and many will confess to getting massages as part of their whole relaxation experience. Now going to the beach regularly may not be possible for many, but you can always get a mini-vacation anytime you want simply with a sensual massage!

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