5 Reasons Why A Self-Driving Holiday Is The Best Way To Experience The USA

Taking the family for a one month tour of America might seem a daunting challenge, but when you realise just how well equipped a modern RV is, it suddenly seems very doable. Many British families spend their summer holidays driving around California and Nevada, which are two of the most beautiful states of all, and if you have never considered this type of holiday experience, here are just a few of the reasons why campervan holidays are so popular.

  1. Convenient and Safe – You can rent a camper online and within days be sitting at the wheel with your family in tow and explore the many unique attributes of the extensive nation, and with RV rentals, everything is included, although there are extras one can hire for the duration. The modern vehicle sleeps 4 people and is equipped with everything you need for independent living, and with secure campsites everywhere, safety is not an issue.
  1. Independence – How many times have you sighed with frustration as you would like to spend more time at a certain location, yet you are travelling with a tour group and the bus must depart on time. Sometimes a package holiday can seem like a forced march, as the operator tries to cram in as much as possible, yet with camper rentals, you are your own boss and can go where you like – and more importantly, stay as long as you wish.
  1. Adventure – If you would like an uncertain experience, why not simply head off in one direction and leave everything to chance? While the company that has campervans for rent would also have routes details and information about local attractions, if you would rather be spontaneous, this can easily be arranged. If you have decided this is for you, you are likely wondering “Is there RV rental near me?” Actually, you can book your campervan online, and by choosing an established provider, they will have the necessary resources to ensure a trouble-free holiday.
  1. Affordability – Imagine what it would cost for hotel accommodation in America for one month! If you rent an RV in the USA, your accommodation and transport are all in one, which saves you a fortune. You could even extend your holiday for an extra week, or perhaps take a hot air balloon ride as an extra special treat, and this will also give you a bigger budget for souvenirs.
  1. Great Infrastructure – America leads the way with smooth roads and well managed traffic systems, and if you are planning to see California and Nevada, there are many campsites where you can stop for the night. The vehicle supplier would have an emergency number which you can call should you require any assistance, and with everyone speaking English, getting around is easy.

One thing is for sure, if you do decide to take a self-driving holiday, it certainly won’t be the last time you and the family take to the road in search of adventure. Learn more about the difference in overall travel experience when traveling alone and with family, on this website:

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