Does Your Dog or Cat Need a Holiday

Dogs are our best friends. So are cats. When we go on holiday, we worry about their well-being. However, you can give your pet a break from their routine by boarding them in a cattery or kennel.

Benefits Associated with Canine Boarding

Dogs that are boarded in high-quality kennels enjoy many advantages. These advantages include the following:

  • Reserved spaces are provided where a dog can exercise.
  • Dogs are provided with regular meals that are nutritional and healthy.
  • Medications are administered to animals that need them, per the owner’s instructions.

Inoculation Requirements for Dogs

Swindon boarding kennels and catteries also require that their guests have inoculations. Inoculations for dogs must be administered for the following:

  • Hepatitis
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Paro-Virus

Dogs must also be inoculated against a kennel cough, in the form of Nobivac or Intrac. Any of the inoculations as mentioned above must be given at least seven days before the pet’s arrival.

Cats that are boarded are set apart from the dogs in a boarding facility. Most units are spacious and feature ramps that lead to the cat house. The housing is completely enclosed with a window and flap.

Cat Inoculations

Inoculations are also required for cats for the following:

  • Feline infectious enteritis
  • Cat Flu

Like dogs, cats must have these immunizations seven days before they arrive at the cattery. Each cat guest is provided individual meals that are made per the guest’s specific nutritional requirements.

With this type of care, you can be assured that you will enjoy your holiday just as much as your pet. Learn more about the travel laws and regulations about pets, on this website:

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