5 steps to pretty underarms

Underarm hair removal is easy enough to do at home – grab a box of Veet waxing strips and get started.

Removing underarm hair is not the hard job it is cracked up to be – and you certainly don’t need to book an expensive salon appointment for it. When you have Veet wax strips, you can easily wax your underarms in the privacy of your home. Just follow these 5 steps to remove underarm hair by yourself:

1 Prep the skin. Start by exfoliating the skin. A day before you remove the underarm hair, apply a mild soap in the area and use a loofah to exfoliate the underarms. Exfoliation removes dead skin and dried sweat, and the hair follicles also open up and become easier to remove. You can also exfoliate at least two hours prior to waxing, if there’s no time to do it earlier. Do not apply any creams on the area post-exfoliation, or the wax will not adhere to the skin.

2 Apply the wax strip and pull. Take a Veet wax strip and remove the paper covering. Apply the strip firmly on the armpit and press it on to get as close to the skin as possible. Grip the pull tab and pull the strip against the direction of hair growth, in one swipe. You will find that most of the hair has adhered to the strip. Use the same strip again to remove any stragglers or hair on the fringes.

3 Wipe away excess wax. Once you have removed the underarm hair using Veet wax strips, it is time to clean up the skin. Veet provides separate cleaning wipes in the box – simply wipe the waxed skin with the wipes so that any excess wax is removed. The wipes also eliminate the slightly sticky feeling you get after using waxing strips. The skin is now clean and you may even give it a light rinse with cool water. Do not wash with soap or it will irritate the skin.

4 Apply moisturiser. A few minutes after you wax your underarms, you can soothe the skin by applying moisturiser on the area. Though Veet wax is fortified with skin hydrating ingredients to promote suppleness, it is better to be safe and supply the skin with more moisturisation. Apply the moisturiser but do not rub or knead it into the skin. Do not wear tight sleeved clothing immediately after – let the armpits breathe.

5 Repeat in four weeks. The best thing about waxing is that it keeps the hair away for at least four weeks. It is an ideal underarm hair removal method for women who normally prefer to wear sleeveless tops or dresses, or who are going on a long vacation and may not have time for frequent hair removal using depilatory creams. Besides, the hair grows back finer than before, thus making it easier to wax thereafter.

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