What is Cylinder Snapping

Cylinder Snapping

Many people think of different vulnerabilities in their homes and try to protect their houses from intruders. However, many people are going about it all wrong. They think about their windows and different vulnerabilities, but the majority of burglaries actually happen by breaking in through the door. If someone were to break a window and climb through it while other people could see them, they would obviously be caught as burglars. However, a clever criminal can break open a lock and enter through the door without looking like they are actually breaking in. They do not even need a considerable amount of skill. That’s why nearly 75% of burglaries happen by breaking in through the door.

Cylinder Snapping

Burglars most likely break in through the door due to a door being left unlocked or if someone has the key. These are common ways that someone gets into your house. Another common way is through cylinder snapping. One of the most common locks is the Euro cylinder. It is a cylindrical lock with the locking mechanisms somewhere in the middle of the cylinder. It is vulnerable to cylinder snapping since all criminals have to do is apply pressure to the right part of the lock and it snaps in half. Since this can be done to the outside exposed parts of a lock, burglars do not need special tools to get access to the lock.

Once they snap the lock in half, it exposes the working components inside. The criminals can then open your door with simple tools, giving them access to your house. A locksmith in Llanelli can help you with an anti-snap lock.

Anti-Snap Lock

An anti-snap lock works by actually snapping. When a burglar applies pressure to your lock, the cylinder will snap in half, but will not snap in the middle. It won’t snap and expose the working mechanics of the lock itself. Instead, it is designed to snap farther forward so that there will still be metal protecting the mechanics of the lock.

There is simply no way to create an actual snap-proof lock. The lock itself has to be very small and have many moving components. There’s no way to make a lock that can survive the incredible pressure applied by some of the tools for snapping a lock. Therefore, the best defence is a lock that is designed to snap.

If you think you might have a cylinder lock or if you don’t know if you have one, you should get in touch with a professional who will be able to help you. They’ll advise you on the type of lock you have and what sorts of vulnerabilities that comes with it. Furthermore, such information will give you the option of upgrading and securing your home’s doors and windows.

Even if you don’t have a cylinder lock, there are other ways that someone can get into your home. Fortunately, locksmiths work day in and day out to find ways to thwart criminals. You can avail yourself of all their hard work in order to gain some peace of mind. Locks like these can help keep your house secure.

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