5 Tips To Stay In Trend For A Long Time

Stay In Trend

Nothing is there in fashion and interior design industries that can actually describe the word ‘timeless.’ Trends and styles frequently change, so homeowners also have to modify the décor of their home pretty often. One solution to avoid frequent makeovers is to stay away from too-trendy decorations that everyone gets tired of once the fashion dies off.

How to achieve the looks for your home that appear fresh longer than others? Keep reading to know how to decorate a room to keep it stay in trend for a long time.

Mix furniture pieces

A mixed style of furniture pieces can work together in a single room. For example, if you gather a number of modern and formal furniture pieces in your living room, you don’t have to change the décor for many years. Combine leather sofas that look traditional with contemporary vases and a coffee table. Put artful branches into the vases instead of traditional floral arrangement so that they exude a casual vibe. Such a combination will create a pleasant contrast.

Go for a mix-and-match style

An eclectic style has the power of dominating a décor scene for a long period because it is often set up with a blend of a couple of design approaches. For example, a mix furniture style can create a collected feel, and thereby does not refer to any particular term.

If you choose décor items and accessories that belong to a single era such as French country or early Colonial, it will limit the design scope and tie the place to a specific period. It will be better to blend pieces in a way that makes it hard to pin down the décor scheme to any designated era. Such a style will help the room to look fresh for years to come.

A touch of contemporary style

If you have a taste for a classical architectural approach, such as midcentury or shabby chic, you can bring it into your modern home. However, it may look odd if you mix it with lots of modern furniture pieces and accessories. In that case, only a touch of contemporary flair will work great and keep a balance between two different modes.

You can bring curtains with a bold shade and subtle pattern and two three pieces of chairs and modern furniture in a room that is crammed with architectural details. Such a décor scheme will fall midway between classic and present-day styles, and thereby poses less risk to go out of trend anytime soon.

Modern wainscoting

Keep the wainscoting wall paneling in traditional white or off white but use some trendy colors such as blue, cool gray, etc. to exert the contemporary aesthetic. It is a classic architectural fixture but juxtaposing it with present-day accessories will surely in creating a genre-neutral décor scheme for a room.If you are searching for home renovation tips or house upgrade services, Model-Home Makeover is the best choice.

Neutral palette

Even if there’s no ‘timeless’ element in interior décor and design, a neutral color scheme is likely to be the thing closest to that concept. Keep the major parts such as the walls, ceiling, and the seating arrangements if it’s a living room or kitchen in soft neutrals. It will give the place more staying power. Dress it up with a few statement items such as a coffee table made of raw wood, artwork on a wall, or some beautiful accessories to keep up with the present-day trends. They will also uplift the mood and save the room from being boring.

You might have already figured out a balanced mixing of different styles – mainly contemporary and classic – is the best way to give the interiors of your home the real staying power. A plus point of such design approach is that you can always keep up with the trend by adding or deducting some accessories or furniture pieces, without requiring to go for a whole makeover. Follow these tricks mentioned above and save you the hassle of changing the décor every year.

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