5 Ways to Make Your Car More Reliable

Sudden car breakdowns are always a curse for any car user. The pain multiples when it doesn’t give you any hint beforehand, and you are stuck at the middle of the road with no clue about what has gone wrong. At times even finding a roadside assistance takes some time to reach you, and till they come for your rescue, all you can do is wait.

If this is a scenario you are scared of, better be prepared in advance than facing it out of the blue. For this you need to believe in one simple fac, that sudden car breakdowns happen mostly because of worn out mechanical parts. If you can prevent them from wearing with careful maintenance schedule, it not only will save you from facing such awkward situations but also improve the reliability and longevity of your vehicle.

The team serving the Kia dealer Temecula, suggested these following tips to improve the reliability of your vehicle.

Catch Cans for Oil

Modern cars have emissions systems that are equipped with excellent exhaust gas recirculation feature in which a small tube runs from the exhaust to the source of oil intake in manifold. While this system helps in the process of emission, but in return the exhaust gasses might lay a coating on the intake valves and contaminate the oil. As the EGR valve can’t be removed as it will show up a check-engine light making your mileage suffer, it is better to invest in a can to catch the oil instead. These Catch Cans act like a filter both for the recirculated air, the oil and other junk and purify them before they enter the combustion chamber and hence your engine stays healthy for longer period of time.

Air Filter

Air filters play a vital role in maximizing the performance and reliability off ac vehicle by breathing in fresh air into the system. With time these filters get blocked by the debris and dust, that they have filtered from the polluted atmosphere and kept your car clean. But if the filter itself is clogged with these waste materials, it will  take no time to affect the other related systems as well.

Getting it replaced with a new one will give your car more airflow and increase the power flow as well fuel economy. But the best part of the game is, if your air filter is washable, you won’t need to buy a new one. A simple wash can make it perform as good as new.

Winter Season Hacks

As the experts of the Kia Temecula suggest, there are some tips to maintain your car health for the season of winter. Especially if your car runs on diesel, starting the car in cold weather could be difficult. Switching to synthetic oil would address this problem and enhance performance in winter as well as other seasons.

Of course, the actual reliability of your car be maintained by following the manual instructions and  scheduled maintenance.

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