What To Do When Your Car’s Windshield Or Back Glass Is Leaking

Some noticeable signs that your car’s windshield or back glass is leaking is the formation of condensation inside the car, a strong mildew smell, and a floor carpet that is always wet. In some instances, water can actually be seen leaking through the windshield when you are driving under the rain. These signs shouldn’t be ignored as the longer the leak is left unaddressed, the more damage it can do to the Mercedes Benz body parts.

Cars Windshield Or Back Glass Is Leaking

Why Do Windshields And Back Glass Leak?

There are two main reasons why the windshield or back glass is leaking. The first common reason is due to a poor or low-quality installation job during a replacement. The technician might have not worn gloves during the installation, which left their oily fingerprints on the edge, preventing the glass from forming a proper seal. The second reason is due to sustained damage that prevents the glass from creating the leak-free seal.

No matter the reason, it is best to attend to the leak as soon as possible before the internal water damage becomes an expensive problem.

How To Fix A Car Glass Leak

Step 1: Locate The Leak

First things first, locate the source of the leak at once. The shower test is an easy method to help you locate the source of the leak. Make sure that the interiors are protected to prevent adding to the water damage. Then, close all of the car doors and windows and run the garden hose over the car at a very low pressure. Shut the water down and inspect the interiors for signs of the leak.

Step 2: DIY Sealing

After locating the leak, it should be sealed at once. Avoid using silicone-based sealants as these expand and contract with the heat which makes for a bad seal. If you are confident enough to do the patchwork yourself, purchase the correct sealers and apply them over the area. Take note that DIY sealing is only possible if the source of the leak is very small.

Step 3: Expert Repair And Replacement

To avoid adding any damage to the Mercedes Benz body parts it is in your vehicle’s best interest to let the professionals do their job. As soon as you detect a leak, but cannot pinpoint the source or if you have, but notice that the work is too big to be done at home, bring your car in for windshield repair or replacement. Allow the technicians to examine the glass thoroughly so that they can find the leak and recommend the necessary repairs.

Fix The Leak Right Away

Do not delay windshield and back glass repair or your car will sustain more damage in the long run. Mold and mildew growth are health hazards and a soggy car interior is just uncomfortable for everyone. Spend the extra money to get the new glass replacement installed correctly to avoid any future leaks because you will end up saving more when a leak is avoided in the first place.

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