7 Wise Tips To Consider In Buying An Affordable Synthetic Grass In Sydney

Just like any other garden and home products, most suppliers would opt to buy artificial grass. As a buyer, you have to ensure that you’re getting competitive, quality grass suited for your budget. If you want to know how to purchase it wisely, contact Australian Synthetic Lawns at and continue reading.

  • Know what to do beforehand.

First, you need to prepare your quality checklist. If it’s possible, you may ask for free samples right on the post. Don’t hesitate to ask them what guaranteed the company is providing. It must be five years. If you are a DIY gardener, you may ask them if they only accommodate supply-only service. On the other hand, in comparing price, you need to use square-metre cost. Don’t forget to ask also about the delivery fee. This may cost a lot as well.

  • Inspect the synthetic grass.

Through inspection, you can point out whether the grass will pass your taste and preference. In checking the cheap synthetic grass in Sydney itself, look if it:

  • Appears real compared to the natural grass
  • Does have a non-abrasive and soft texture
  • Does have holed latex backing specifically for drainage purposes
  • Have high density in terms of grass blade
  • Decide where you want to lay the synthetic grass

Most of the time, artificial grass could be simply installed on hard surfaces such as wooden decking or concrete or right away into the soil. It means that you can lay them up anywhere outdoors.

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  • Choose between comfort and durability

When purchasing synthetic grass, you should also consider the amount of the traffic within the area you’d like to install your artificial grass. If your kids or even pets love roaming around your yard, then it is much preferable if you will install highly durable grasses. Less durable synthetic grass installation in a place, which will have a heavy traffic, would just allow a quick wear out. Therefore, your decision should basically depend on how will you use that covered area.

  • Go with taller pile height

Want to have lush-looking backyard? That’s simple. Choose synthetic grass which have higher pile. Pile height simply pertains on the length of glass blades from root to the tip. However, keep in your mind that the longer its blade, the heavier it will be. And because of the gravitational pull, there is the tendency that it will bend over. As time goes by, it will just make your lawn looks so flat.

To ensure that your lawn will appear natural, select pile height, which measures about 30 to 37 mm. If you are aiming to place few furniture on the artificial grass, shorter pile height is a good choice.

  1. Never trust fly-by-night installers and removalist

When hiring a professional installer like, always check their credibility and reputation. You can ask your friends and relatives for any referrals. They can provide you good suggestions based on what they’ve experience. Also, you can view online reviews about the company. Through this, you’ll know what kind of service they are offering.

  1. Be practical

Nowadays, practicality is a must. Buying expensive artificial grass doesn’t necessarily mean that you are also paying for high quality of products. There are cheaper synthetic grass products available in the market existing now. What you just need to do is to go and search the right supplier and installer.

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