Why Kent Cold Pressed Juicer Makes A Great Buy?

Everyone loves a healthy, refreshing juice that helps them quench their thirst and at the same time supplies an adequate amount of nutrition to the body. While there are various kinds of juicers available in the market, there are only a limited options that offer you quality service at all times. Here is why a Kent cold pressed juicer should be your preferred choice when it comes to nutritious and tasty juices.

Helps produce a greater quantity of juice

Cold Pressed juicers from Kent offer you a better yield and so is a real blessing for home as well as commercial uses. This is because at first the fruit or vegetable is crushed and pressed. Only then the juice is extracted. This helps you effortlessly enjoy a better quantity of juice. The appliance not only processes fruits and vegetables but also nuts. In this way, you can raise up the nutritional value of your juice by mixing almonds or cashews.

Two filter screens

The juicer from Kent can be used in two distinct ways as it consists of two filter screens. For hard fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots, a fine meshed filter screen is used while for softer fruits and vegetables like oranges, tomatoes and watermelons, a wide meshed filter screen is used.

Preserves and maintains nutrients

This appliance does not produce excessive heat as compared to other regular juicers. Owing to lesser heat generation, the essential fibers and nutrients present in fruits and vegetables are not lost. In this way, your juice is not only healthier; it is also more flavoursome and refreshing.

Saves chopping time

You do not have to waste your time chopping up the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. You can save time and put in large pieces of your items in the device. Owing to its low speed squeezing technique and synchronous motor, the entire process is carried out smoothly. Rest assured, there is no need to push the ingredients inside the inlet.

Blockages are cleared effectively

The appliance comes with a reverse action motor. It makes sure that any kinds of blockages are done away with faultlessly. The device is easy to operate and does not create loud noise. Owing to its slower speed processing, it makes certain your juice is ready without the inconvenience of the conventional noisy juicers.

Unlike other conventional devices, Kent cold pressed juicer offers you impeccable quality and reliability at all times. You can place your trust in this renowned brand, as it effectively works in preserving nutrients and saves time unlike other cumbersome juicers.

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