The use of anabol has been very useful to many and the difference can be seen in their testimonials and pictures provided. They show some drastic changes, whether these are possible on your body is to known by consulting a health care professional and a trainer who will guide you, all body types cannot achieve highly muscular looks, it takes hours of hard work and dedication with whole attention paid to getting the body fit and toned, this is done by professional bodybuilder. They take up a very high level of workout regimes which are for many hours. But fitness enthusiasts or who want to lose weight, have an obesity problem or want to let go belly fat should set realistic goals as they would not be able to give so much dedication. Check the cycle results before and after.


Though anabol is not a prescription medication, it is better to go in for a thorough medical check with your doctor and consulting him/her whether anabol would suit your body. Then signing up with a trainer who will guide you with the right exercise which let you loss the fat from the particular problem areas. Getting a diet chart and dosage recommendations are also necessary. If planned and executed right, you will definitely be good to go.

Skipping a dose, or overdosing, or using it for many weeks in a row are not recommended. It dosage should be taken on time. They come in 5mg-10mg tablet forms.

The dosages begin with 15mg per day to 40mg per day for a regular user. But beginner should start on a low dosage. Anabol can be taken alone or stacked with testosterone or deca durabolin.

It is recommended that the dosage cycle should not be used for not more than 6-8 weeks.

The anabol alone cycle is very good and gives good results and has a water retention and a gain of three to four kgs at the finish of the cycle is very good for a beginner of anabolic steroids. Read more about the cycle results before and after.

It is one of the most effective oral steroids available in the market today and duly given the title ‘breakfast of champions’. It is even compared to anadrol 50 but not so severe around the method of usage.

Side effects of anabol are

  • The male users lose their potency and sex drive
  • There is seen that male patterned baldness.
  • There is skin problems such as oily skin and acne.
  • There is also increase in blood pressure.
  • There can be extreme damage to the kidney and liver.
  • Males can have development of breasts.

Results of anabol are

  • Helps to gain muscle mass at a faster rate
  • Helps increasing testosterone levels.
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Enhance performance
  • Development and regeneration of muscle tissues.

Anabol should not be taken who have allergies, chronic health conditions. People who have high blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions should be ruled out to take anabol.

Anabol should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Children and persons below the age of 18 should not consume anabol.

Anabol is the best that is found in the market.

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