Another Year, Another Move: How to Make This Shift a Little Less Annoying

Americans move around a lot. In fact, you’ll likely move a dozen times throughout your life. Each time it gets easier with experience but the annoyance remains. Uncooperative weather, heavy items, scheduling, and spending make moving a real pain… but it doesn’t have to be.

The concept of moving isn’t difficult: Get your stuff from point A to point B.

The problem is that many people complicate the experience when they should seek simplicity. Simplicity offers ample time for preparation and moving and prevents stress and injuries. If you see moving as a project, the individual steps become clear, making it less of an annoyance.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Decide how you’ll move

Flip the moving process by deciding how you’ll move before packing. North American Van Lines recommends factoring your ability to do long distance moving and hauling.

Anyone can pack a truck but can they drive it across the States?


  • Driving a large trailer and its handling
  • Navigating the dynamic countryside

Knowing how your stuff gets there dictates what you bring, and how you’ll pack. This may influence your decision to DIY move or use moving services, containers, or shipping companies.

  1. Downsize (just do it)

Do you need to bring everything? No.

Your new location will present lifestyle changes and many use this opportunity to “start over”. Dragging old items around will increase moving costs while holding onto emotional “baggage”. You may get there and decide to reinvent yourself and need entirely new wardrobes, equipment, and tools to adapt.

Do this:

  1. Gather everything and line it up in the common room
  2. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” or “What attachment do I have to this?”
  3. Put it in the donation box if you can’t immediately think an answer

Repeat this if you have family members.

This means less stuff you’ll need to pack and move. This means you’ll have lower costs from the truck rental and gas to storage and time savings.

  1. Set project goals and be a project manager

Haste, as they say, makes waste.

Last minute moving is why many end up dumping their stuff in apartment garbage zones or leaving stuff behind taking a hit on their deposit. They didn’t plan accordingly and underestimated the task, and the space needed to move everything.

Two things:

  1. Create a goals list consisting of what needs packing in each room, and divide it into daily tasks
  2. Become the project manager of your household by dictating who needs to do what

It could be filling a box a day for the 2-weeks leading up to the move. Or, setting requirements your children need to pack non-essentials on their own while you’re busy with big items. You need everyone to be working in unison to make the move simple, and to prevent stress/bickering.

  1. Use quality supplies and tools

It can’t be stressed enough:

  • Use good boxes
  • Use the hand trucks

Good, sturdy boxes will cost extra but they’re absolutely worth it. These heavy-duty containers are easier to carry and stack, preventing damages. One damaged, important item negates all the savings of choosing lower-quality boxes.

Likewise, don’t break your back. Use the hand truck provided by a moving service or rent one. This makes easy work of the heavy items and cuts the time needed to move everything in general.

Bringing It All Together for a Stress-Free Move

Congratulations, you’ve made your next move annoyance & stress-free! To recap: figure out how stuff gets there, downsize, delegate it like a project, and use quality resources.

It may not be the last time you move… but at least it’ll be easier now you got these tips in mind!

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