On Taking Your Company to the Next Level with New Canadian Employees

It was the International Refugee Day last month. On occasion as important as this, the pundits and politicians from all over the planet discussed at length about Canada’s feats as a welcoming country. A number of experts focused on the immigration policy of Canada, as well as that of the challenges she is often fighting at the border. However, the role that the entrepreneurs are playing to help refugees contribute to the Canadian economy also attracted attention.

On Employing Refugees; a Welcoming Value

There are a number of start-ups, as well as established enterprises that support hiring refugees. Not only it has a moral imperative but is favorable for building a reinforced business case, as well. For example, Boris Serebryant, the present CEO of Fiera Foods, one of the largest suppliers of North America, used to be a refugee himself. His relationship with the company began just after he came to the nation as a refugee from the former USSR. Even today, the company follows its tradition of hiring new Canadians. Presently, his company boasts of employing from an amazingly diverse array of communities, who speak more than 30 different languages! And those who have got the job to get started have proved their innovative skill and infused international knowledge, thus adding to the ‘difference’ factor to the company.

Caring For the Employees

Most of the companies who hire new Canadians are extremely meticulous about the adapting the latest safety standards. The management maintains a team of dedicated trainers who ensure that their employees comprehend the basics of safety training and that they correctly know the safety protocols. And safety measures are something that the teams are constantly working on. There are a number of employees who find their first-ever jobs in Canada in these companies. Most of them are hired on a temporary basis. However, many of them, just like Mr. Serebryant, stay back to enrich the companies.

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