Bangalore – The ideal city for a young family

bangalore1If you must move from your current city for work, you might consider setting up base in Bangalore with your family.

Bangalore draws people like a magnet, and its busy but happy vibe has something to do with it. Over the years, the hi-tech city has spawned many a good residential project, large infrastructure works and FDI from foreign companies. So if you are mulling buying a property in Bangalore for your young family, these are the reasons why you must:

1 A wonderful climate all year round.

Bangalore is located at a height of about 3,000 feet above sea level. Be that as it may, it is the one spot in all of South India to have a pleasant climate all year round. It rains well in the city, and the summer months are pleasant too. Many residents of Bangalore like to take advantage of the wonderful climate to be outdoors, go hiking, restaurant hopping and generally making the most of their family time.

2 Clean and well maintained.

Bangalore boasts of excellent infrastructure in the form of good roads, highways, public transport, public gardens and open spaces, large flower gardens, etc. Your family and you will enjoy using the city’s many public facilities, and will revel in how clean and well-kept the city is. The municipal authorities have improved the garbage disposal and water supply conditions over the last decade. These are big positives for those wanting to buy properties in Bangalore.

3 Cosmopolitan culture.

With the rise of the city as a major destination for IT services, a lot of people from all over the country (and the world) have migrated to Bangalore. This has given rise to a cosmopolitan culture where people from many different States and communities live and work together harmoniously. Wherever you buy a property in Bangalore, you will find a healthy mix of communities in the project. A cosmopolitan culture will help your young children grow up in an environment of tolerance and mutual learning. This will help them become responsible citizens of the world.

4 Many educational institutions.

Your children can go to the best international and public schools, while also having their pick of colleges and universities. The best private and Government educational institutions are operational here.

5 Great work opportunities.

Apart from being a prominent IT hub, Bangalore is also home to a spate of successful start-ups and major companies across varied business sectors. Several expats have set up base here, buying or renting premium properties in Bangalore. The city also enjoys high Internet penetration, making it easier to operate digital businesses. All in all, neither you nor your children need to go elsewhere for work if you’re living in Bangalore. You can get a job locally, or be connected digitally to the entire country while operating out of Bangalore.

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