Which Are The Best Sleeping Positions

One of the most important things to live a healthy life is getting the correct amount of hours of sleep per night. Nothing is more beneficial and if you do not get the recommended amount on a regular basis it can dramatically impact your wellbeing. To get a good night’s sleep it is vital that your position is correct to get the maximum benefits. In this article, I will look into the different positions along with their pros along with cons.


Only a small percentage at around 16% of people in America fall asleep laying on their back. This position can be problematic should the person snore as it will amplify the noise. If you want to take good care of your back though it is by far the most beneficial. This can be especially good for the ever-increasing online workforce who are sat down for most of the working day.

This can be the best or worst position on sleep depending on different factors. For instance, if you have a bad back it can help and add a pillow underneath your knees can further benefit you. It will flatten out your spine position so that it helps your posture. If however, you suffer from sleep apnea it is the worst and can, in fact, be extremely dangerous. It will make the problems worse and could result in your breathing been blocked by your tongue.


The next best option for most people is to sleep on your side. It helps to reduce acid reflux and is the best position for people who suffer from snoring.Sleeping this way also helps to elongate the spin which can help those who suffer from bad backs.

One helpful tip for this sleeping position is to try to sleep on your left side. This is the optimum position due to helping to increase the blood flow to the heart and those that suffer from circulation problems can benefit from this.

One of the main negative aspects of sleeping on your side is that it is not good for your face. Having your skin pressed against a cushion all night long can do damage and if aftercare is not done it can result in the aging of skin along with increases in a number of wrinkles a person gets.


The most common sleeping position is the fetal position and it involves tucking the knees and hunching forward. It can help women who are pregnant as it helps to increase the flow of blood along with helping those who suffer from snoring as it keeps the airways open.

If you suffer from breathing problems you need to make sure that you do not curl up into a tight ball as it can affect your diaphragm and make breathing more difficult. Also if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis you want to avoid sleeping this way as it could make your problems worse.


The worst sleeping position is on your stomach and it can adversely affect the whole body. It is extremely bad for the back along with neck and can result in causing pain. The only benefit is for people that snore as it opens the airways to reduce the problem.

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