Best taser guns or stun guns that should be used for home security

  1. TASER® PULSE Subcompact Shooting Stun Gun w/ Laser

This is the topmost and the best stun guns that is used for shooting. It is build up with LED light and a targeting laser. The power supply of this gun is made up of lithium energy cell. This stun gun unleashes some electrical impulses that are similar to your body. These guns cause Neuromuscular Incapacitation which is not dependent on pain. These guns are proved the best guns for home security. It does not leave long-lasting effects on the targets. It can target a person standing 15ft away from the gun. These guns are guns to protect yourself till the police come out there to help you out. This gun is very much light in weight and gives you lifetime replacement offer but if lost then no such offer avails there.

  1. TASER® Strike light Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight

This type of stun gun is the best option for your safety and security that you can use till the police reach there to help you out. This type of gun is made up of the 80-lumen flashlight. In this gun, there are two activation buttons that will help you out to activate the gun. Once the top switch is in forwarding direction you just simply have to press the bottom button and the electrodes will strike out to cling to the target. This stun gun is made up with lithium polymer battery of 2500-18650 mAh. This is the best stun gun that allows the users five hours of continuous battery with 1005 continuous tasers discharges only if the gun is fully charged.

  1. TASER® X2 Shooting Stun Gun w/Dual Laser Black

These guns are the evolution of stun guns that can be used independently for police standards. It is made up of the technology of electrical arc that can be used to deter the culprit. It can target the culprit just from 15ft away. It provides improved power consumptions and allows up to 500 fringes. This gun is also made with a lifetime replacement guarantee but if it is lost no one can do anything. These guns can be used for home security as well as for self-security till the help of police arrives at you.

  1. TASER® BOLT Shooting Stun Gun w/ Targeting Laser

These guns are build up with a flashlight as well as with laser technology. These guns disable the culprit to run out from there by giving and harsh electrical shock that will give them pain and won’t be able to run out from there. This gun is also made up of the lithium energy cell. A person can shoot the target just standing 15ft away from them that is the distance between the target and the shooter must be 4.6m or 15ft. These taser guns are also having a lifetime replacement property.

These are the best taser or stun guns that will help you out in protecting yourself till the help arrives at you. These guns can be used for home security as well as for self-security also. Learn more about the security gadgets you can have at your home and where to get them, on this website:

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