Biometrics Attendance System will control attendance of your employees

Biometrics Attendance System will control attendance of your employees

Do you have doubts about the use of the fingerprint to control attendance of your employees? Are you worried about how this technology fits with data protection? Are you not clear why installing a fingerprint device can facilitate the daily management of your company?

Not only in modern times, but also since ancient times, human beings have used physical characteristics to recognize themselves for several centuries. However, the boom of this technology occurs already in the 21st century, in which there are various automated methods of recognition based on biometric measurements, among which include:

The features of the face (facial recognition)

Fingerprints (fingerprint biometrics)

The veins of the fingers of the hands (Biometry of veins)

Other biometric elements such as the iris of the eye or the voice

To try to bring light to this important aspect today, today we talk about the Biometrics Attendance System through one of the safest methods that exist: the Fingerprint Time Attendance System.

Currently, the applications with biometric identification to are considered as the main tools of various companies and organizations. They are used as part of their security systems or to bring a better control of staff attendance.

For example, different companies, regardless of category or size, use these innovative applications to control the hours of entry and exit of their employees. In particular, biometric fingerprint readers have managed to position themselves as the best option to fulfill this task.

These readers, in addition to effectively and securely monitoring the performance of the staff, also contribute a great deal to the good development of the companies. The information they provide is true and in real time, which allows leaders to make informed decisions. But, how do they work?

It can be said that human beings have incorporated identification cards, our fingerprints. These have small “ridges and valleys” that are formed by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Each fingerprint has a unique design that cannot be falsified or altered.

As a first step, the fingerprints of all collaborators are stored in the system database. Each footprint goes along with assistance control your personal data. The traces are stored as encrypted codes, which are impossible to decipher.

Then, the collaborators have to place the index finger on the device so that the system can obtain the image of the fingerprint. The system compares the valley and peak pattern of that image with the patterns of the prints stored in the database.

Finally, the system provides a report with the detailed information of each collaborator. This report can be monthly, biweekly or when requested. All reports have metrics and statistics that show the performance of each and at the same time, allows leaders to make informed decisions.

When the user places his finger on the optical reader, the algorithms of the system compare their fingerprint with the stored characteristic points. This process of identification occurs at a time under a second thanks also to its powerful micro-processed architecture. Learn more about various types of technological gadgets that you can try in your business organization, on this website:

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