Birthday Greetings Are Always Well Received

Customers who buy wholesale birthday greetings include retailers, florists, and party planners. The ancient practice of offering greetings on a birthday, on an anniversary, or during a celebration goes back to ancient China. During that time, the Chinese exchanged wishes for the New Year. The ancient Egyptians also sent greetings via papyrus scrolls.

How Greeting Cards Developed

During the 15th century, Europeans began selling handmade greeting cards. Valentine’s Day cards were featured for sale in 1415. When the postage stamp was introduced in 1840, greeting cards began to be sent more frequently. The first Christmas card was designed for Sir Henry Cole to celebrate the holiday with friends.

Wholesale Greeting Cards

You can also attribute the success of the greeting cards to Esther Howland, who sold a handmade valentine in 1849. She also established a greeting card firm that specialised in intricately-designed cards. Today, you can find a large array of birthday cards in Birmingham that are featured at wholesale prices.

Types of Occasions

Whether you are a party planner or retailer, you will find that you can access cards for birthdays as well as holidays or events such as the following:

  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Thank you
  • Congratulations
  • New baby
  • Christening cards
  • Engagement cards
  • Value cards
  • With sympathy cards
  • Get well cards

You can also find a large range of stationery at the same place. Handmade, boxed, and poppet cards are also available for sale.

How the Cards Are Made

Modern greeting cards today are normally manufactured with a cardboard or stiff paper stock. Some cards may be made of celluloid, vellum, leather, or cloth. The size is figured by common use, the type of envelope used, and the price and quality of the card. The message on the inside of a card might include only a word or two or may consist of a verse or prose of about 100 words.

When it comes to choosing wholesale greetings for your business, you need to consider the regular greeting card customer. Most people who buy greeting cards are women. The greeting card industry still remains competitive, even with the addition of e-cards and social media. Billions of cards are purchased each year by the public. Whilst Christmas cards account for most of the seasonal card sales, birthday cards are purchased the most in the daily card market.

Needless to say, the purchase of wholesale greeting cards can enhance your business’s growth and presence in your local community. That is why it is important to know the tastes and preferences of the people who come into your shop or requisition your services.

When choosing greetings, notice which cards sell and which cards stay on the shelves. That will help you further define your customers. By taking an inventory of the cards that sell, you can narrow down your choice of cards to meet your audience’s preferences.

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