Tips to eradicate blood pressure during the course of pregnancy

abnormal pap smear during the course of pregnancyBlood pressure medication during pregnancy does ease the impact, but there are some healthy tips to be followed at this juncture. It is observed that hypertension is more common during pregnancy than any other stage. An experience of the arrival of a baby is a moment to cherish for the mothers, but the natural plights are something that would allow them to enjoy pregnancy to the fullest.

It has to be stated that a woman becomes heavy with a baby in the stomach. Here the strength and the vein do become weak. The resistance to fight diseases is not something that she can stand up to someone who is not pregnant. This makes it prone for the blood pressure to strike them as they tend to be more vulnerable at this point of time. In the year 2009, close to 13,000 women went on to lose their life in the US alone due to high blood pressure. So let us now figure out certain tips to avoid blood pressure during pregnancy

Keep stress at bay on all counts

When you are expecting you would need to ignore any form of activities that would cause your nerves to expand. The house chores should be kept at a minimum level and the tedious jobs would be better if it is done by someone else. The mind should be relaxed so that you do not open your mind to hypertension.

Your breakfast should be a rich source of proteins

 Each time you would like to have a breakfast, make it a point that you include 3 to 4 scrambled eggs as this is going to increase the protein content. Eggs are an important source of protein and this is going to repair any tissue in the body where infections could slip in easily.


This is one of the best ways to get rid of this plight during pregnancy. A pregnant lady does not have to go to the gym and they can exercise in their own home. You could walk to the nearby as well as your home might be a good place to exercise.

Blood pressure is one of the major problems that take a toll on pregnant women. The worst part is that the impact of it spreads to the baby as well once they are born. It tends to have an impact on 10 % of pregnant women with protein being found in the urine as well. The symptoms are changes in vision, headaches and sudden gain in weight. Under severe conditions the baby is not growing to grow as well. This also does pose a lot of risk to their overall development.

Medicine HIV in pregnancy is another stumbling block at this critical point of time.  The moment it does occur it is suggested that the pregnancy is stopped as it could lead to a dangerous situation. Ti is suggested that the mother recovers quickly before proceeding to pregnancy.

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