How to make a doll’s dress

If your little one loves playing with dolls, it’s likely that they will ask you for doll’s clothes at some point. Their current clothes might have been ruined, or they might even want you to make clothes so they can match. Whatever the reason, making doll’s clothes is easy. Here’s how you can do it.



First, you need to find a sock that will stretch to fit your doll, bonus points if it’s a pretty pattern. You then need to cut the toe and heel part off the sock so you are left with the top part. Try it on your doll to make sure the length is correct, then use a fabric pen to draw a line near the waist of the doll for a two-part dress/top and skirt.

Take the sock off, being careful if the edges start to unravel slightly. You can hem it, or for the no-sew option just use clear nail polish to keep the frayed edges in check. All you now need to do is decorate it. You can use buttons, sequins or other pieces of fabric to make it look extra special! Just be warned that once your child sees their doll’s pretty new dress, they might request other doll-sized activities such as the new craze of cooking doll sized meals.

The sew option

Start by placing your doll on newspaper or card and drawing the outline of her body with two neck straps coming up from her shoulders. Then, make two waist straps which will help when tying the dress onto the doll. Cut out your pattern and make sure it fits by placing it over the top of the doll. You can then tidy up any loose ends by folding the paper in half to make sure both sides are even. You then need your fabric. If you don’t have any lying around the house, you can look for cotton poplin fabric such as the ones available here Cotton Poplin fabric suppliers.

Next, pin the paper to the fabric so you can cut out your pattern, then sew the back only making sure to leave the neck straps open. Then all you need to do is place the dress on your doll, tie the neck and waist straps and voila! A new doll’s dress.

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