Bob Simonds, a leading producer with his own take on creating mature films

Bob Simonds a leading producer with his own take on creating mature films

Bob Simonds is a leading movie producer who hardly requires any introduction. A veteran in the industry with such hits in his bag like Problem Child, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore and The Wedding Singer, Bob Simonds surely does know well what it takes to produce one hit after another on a continuous basis. With his newly launched studio STX Entertainment, he aims to take his movie producing business several notches higher. STX Entertainment has already made headlines with movies such as The Gift, Secret in Their Eyes and Bad Moms. Many industry insiders and movie reviewers are now wondering whether STX Entertainment is the next best thing in the world of Hollywood.

Unlike some of his contemporaries, Bob Simonds has a different approach to filmmaking that he is sure is going to pay off. With his new studio STX Entertainment, Bob Simonds intends on making movies mainly for the adult audience that is going to be creatively diverse and rich with great storylines and excellent acting. Bob Simonds is going to make mid budget movies that range between $20 and $80 and is going to rope in some of the best stars of the industry. The results of his efforts are going to be quite positive and will be well received by viewers both within USA as well as other parts of the world.

Opening up candidly, Bob Simonds answers questions to resolve the main query that everyone is having. Bob Simonds & Variety: Can STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? Bob Simonds offered insights on his plans with his new studio. He strongly believes that Hollywood has lacked good movies over the last few years that feature some great storylines and gripping performances. Over the last few years, there has been a major proliferation of superhero movies such as those created by the Marvel Universe. While these movies are entertaining in their own right and are capable of bringing in substantial profits, they are still not creatively rich enough that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers. The movies have a predictable pattern when it comes to their storylines and they are not even suitable for viewers who love to enjoy mature content.

It is in light with such trends that Bob Simonds aims to come up with movies that are going to be a major diversion from the trends that have been created by the superhero flicks. Judging by his experience, he firmly states that most of the movies that were made with mid range budgets but had great storylines catering to mature audiences did quite well. These movies were once the mainstay of even the best studios in Hollywood. However, once the trend for superhero movies really caught on, these movies took a backseat to the ones that can generate a large merchandise and franchise business. With his studio STX Entertainment, Bob Simonds plans on reviving such a lost trend and produce movies that is going to have a wider appeal.

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