Live In Care offers more one-to-one interaction than care homes


Find out how live-in care is an amazing option for those looking to avoid residential care homes in later life.

one to one

If your family member is in need of care throughout the day and night, then you may feel that the only option is a care home. It is important to know that there are in fact other options for your family member that are much more beneficial to their quality of life.

Most people don’t want to go into a residential home, in fact 97% of people would not like to go into a care home if they become too unwell to care for themselves, according to a report from the Live-in Care Hub. So, there’s every chance you want to avoid that option for your loved one if you can.

Live-in care is a viable option for many people, and it has many fantastic benefits that you just don’t get from residential care homes.

What Does Live-In Care Have To Offer?

Live-in care has so much to offer a client that residential care homes just cannot compare. When somebody chooses live-in care, one of the many live in care agencies will provide a qualified and trained carer comes to live with them and often shares a workload with another carer. A live-in carer will be deeply passionate about providing care to their client, they will be organised and extremely well vetted by the live-in care company the work for. A live-in carer is able to help with:

  • Cooking
  • Household tasks
  • Personal care tasks
  • Pet care
  • Help with hobbies
  • Gardening
  • Escorting clients to social events and hobby groups
  • Escorting clients on holiday
  • Helping a client remain as independent as possible
  • Helping a client to remain as physically active as possible

These tasks are just a small window of all the kinds of jobs a carer can provide on agreement with the client and their family. Specialist nursing care is also available if needed, although this could affect the costs. You can look at basic costs for residential care and home care on the UK Care Guide calculator.

The Benefits Of Live-in Care

Live-in care brings many benefits to the client and their families, so many more than you could find when searching for residential care homes near me, including:

  • Companionship – live-in care provides companionship to clients who may otherwise suffer loneliness in a care home. Carers will also encourage social activities to further enhance the social life of their client.
  • Maintaining independence – one of the top three worries of the elderly is losing independence as they age. A live-in carer works to help their client maintain independence and even become more independent if possible.
  • Nutrition – Over 1 million people aged over 65 are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment. A live-in care ensures that the nutritional needs of their client are met.
  • Peace of mind -The family of a client with live-in care can know in their hearts their family member is happy, healthy and safe in their homes.
  • The ability to stay at home – The ability to stay at home is so important because moving away from it, is so distressing. You lose your pets, your neighbours, everything familiar to you, and you may even be separated from your partner. Live-in care enables a client to stay in their home.

These are just some of the benefits associated with live-in care. There are many more, and there are many amazing testimonials from people who are so happy remaining in their own home because of the services provided by live-in carers. If you’re looking into care options for yourself or a family member, and you don’t just want to search for care homes near me, put some consideration into live-in care because it could make a world of difference to the quality of later life of the person receiving the care.

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