Get the best deal on postpaid – while paying the bill!

Do you dislike paying bills, like most people do? But when you pay your Airtel phone bill, you will actually love the process. Read on to know why.

As human beings, we are hardwired to look for rewards. Whether we need it or not, we tend to gravitate naturally towards a freebie on offer. For example, if one restaurant is offering unlimited drinks on a match night while another isn’t, then you are bound to choose the former.

deal on postpaid while paying the bill

You like to receive a good discount or a bonus offer of some kind, especially if you have been a loyal customer to a certain brand for years. Whether shopping online for new clothes or settling a bill, you want to receive some sort of incentive for parting with your money – especially if it’s an activity you do regularly, like paying your bills every month. Lately, phone and other utility service providers have realised the power of incentivising early payments or of customers making payments through the provider’s app.

Normally, you hate paying your monthly bills. There is no option but to do it, but it’s boring all the same! And yet, if you are given a good deal on the service while you’re paying your bill, doesn’t bill payment become an enjoyable chore? You will experience this small frisson of happiness every time you pay your Airtel phone bill, because there is always a good postpaid offers available.

Paying your bills is a breeze with Airtel

First off, using an Airtel postpaid connection is one of the best things to happen to you. Airtel has the best postpaid plans for all locations in the country, and these plans are priced quite affordably too. Plus, each plan comes with a huge amount of monthly data and many great features, like data rollover, unlimited calling and also a one-year free Amazon Prime subscription, among others.

Meanwhile, there’s a great postpaid offer up for grabs every time you pay the phone bill. For instance, Airtel currently lets you watch the ongoing T20 tournament for free on your phone, with live streaming capability for each match. Plus, you get a free subscription to Hotstar, and access to Airtel TV. All this, for signing up for Airtel postpaid priced at Rs 499 only!

Meanwhile, you can look forward to regular discounts, loyalty points and even a free month added to your billing cycle, every time you choose to avail of Airtel postpaid offers at the time of paying your bill.

When you have Airtel on your side, there’s something exciting happening with your postpaid connection all the time. Don’t you want to experience the awesome power of Airtel postpaid, and its postpaid offers? Make the switch today and watch the magic unfold!

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