Breitling Chronoliner Review

The Breitling Chronoliner is a model that was inspired by another Breitling from the 1950s — 1960s. This Swiss-made luxury watch is not just a pretty face — this is a true and authentic captain’s watch with aviator functions and features that are enviable and carry on Breitling’s tradition of creating luxury instruments of the finest quality. It follows the recent tradition of looking back and reinventing classic designs, such as the 1957 Trilogy from Rolex and the San Diego from Lacoste watches.

Breitling Chronoliner


At 46mm in diameter, this Chronoliner’s solid steel casing is the perfect complement to the Ocean Classic steel strap. Featuring a black dial, a scratch-resistant black ceramic bezel, and a slightly convex double glare-proofed Sapphire crystal, this Chronograph offers precise timekeeping and multiple time zones for the frequent traveller.

Power Source

This self-winding mechanical automatic movement with a second time zone (24 hr) features a Breitling 24 calibre, which uses an ETA Valjoux 7754 base movement. With a chronograph and GMT complication, this “B24” automatic mechanical has 25 jewels and runs at a frequency of 28,800 v.p.h. This beautiful movement will give you a minimum of 42 hours of power reserve when not worn.

The Good

The Breitling Chronoliner is a very unique timepiece that really showcases its aviator beginnings and keeps with tradition while upping the ante in quality materials and modern design. The black dial features a chronograph with three sub dials at the 12, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The calendar date window is located at the traditional spot at the 3 o’clock position.

This automatic timepiece not only uses a quality steel for the Ocean Classic strap and 46mm solid case, but it houses a Sapphire crystal shaped and glare-proofed in a way that does this Swiss brand serious honour. As we stated, the Breitling B24 calibre movement features a Chronograph and a 1/4th of a second sub dial, 30 minutes sub dial, and 12 hours sub dial at the 9, 12, and 6 o’clock positions, respectively. In addition to powering the main hour, minute, and seconds (three-hand) movement, this timepiece has an additional 24 hour adjustable hand.

The traditional 12-hour analogue timekeeping of the main dial looks even more stunning with the extra (fourth) hand stretching out from the centre. This red-tipped hand enables second time zone readings in 24-hour mode, where it tracks against the 24-hour markings located around the rim of the black dial. The calendar date window uses a beautiful and traditional dial aperture at 3 o’clock.

Another wonderful addition to this watch is the use of a scratch-resistant and high-tech black ceramic bezel. This bi-directional bezel is made from an ultra-hard synthetic material and features original star-shaped cut-out notching along the edge. This rotating bezel also indicates a third time zone, which is even more incredible and highly useful for pilots and adventurers passing through time zones.

The Bad

This watch is of such excellent quality in all categories, that there is no negative aspect to this luxury piece. The only downside for some wearers may be the large, 46mm diameter case. Over 15mm in thickness, this watch is definitely a show stopper.


The functionality of the Breitling Chronoliner is unstoppable. Featuring a bi-directional black ceramic bezel which acts as a third time zone display; a black dial featuring a chronograph and three sub dials; a fourth dial hand indicating the 24-hour (second time zone); and a water resistance of 100 meters / 330 feet is a whopping piece of functionality.

The performance of the self-winding mechanical chronograph is impressive and displays its precision timekeeping and relative timekeeping with amazing clarity and legibility on the dial — this is well worthy of being called one of Breitling’s finest flight instruments.

The Highlights

The highlights of this Breitling are definitely in the dial design. Obviously, the aesthetic design and quality of construction are outstanding, but on a functional level, the variety of timekeeping options is true to form for Breitling’s commitment to functional readings for professional aviators and the like. The Chronoliner is modeled as a real Captain’s watch. With an analogue dial featuring everything from luminous properties, a chronograph, three sub dials, a 24-hour mode, a third time zone feature, and more; this timepiece is functional for long-haul flights across the globe.

The gorgeous Sapphire crystal has not only been glare-proofed on both sides, giving you the most perfect view of the dial in any light; but this Breitling has also made the Sapphire cambered. This means the crystal is slightly convex, which gives it an even more incredible and luxurious look and construction. You couldn’t ask for better.

Breitling gives you the option of customizing your timepiece (or as they say, “made to measure”). This means you can choose from their case and strap choices. This model being reviewed features a steel case with a ceramic bezel as well as an Ocean Classic steel mesh-style bracelet. The other options include black steel with a ceramic bezel and a Limited Edition 18K Red Gold case. The other options for the straps include the Navitimer and Rubber Aero Classic.


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