How To Style Streetwear For Summer

Streetwear has grown into one of the most popular trends in recent years, tying in with the sports luxe wear that’s been flooding the fashion industry. Brands like Fila, Puma and Champion have all re-branded themselves as high fashion to compete with the bigger players in streetwear. There are more options than ever to create the best streetwear summer looks, so here’s a guide on how to style streetwear for summer months:

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Coordinating Looks

Many brands are now bringing out luxury sportswear, a far cry from your average tracksuit twin set from early 2000’s. Designed with premium style in mind, a t-shirt and shorts combination works great for summer, mixing style with comfort. Streetwear shorts are also the perfect option for summer months, team with a sleeveless t-shirt for a cool summer look, ideal for holiday wear. Wearing contrasting colours means you’ll be keeping up with current trends, adorning block colours to create a strong statement look.


Beachwear mixed with streetwear clothing can be hit and miss at times, so don’t overcomplicate it. Streetwear swim shorts are the latest trend for beach holidays, with many streetwear companies bringing out exclusive ranges of swim shorts. Subtly is key, opt for shorts with coloured panel detail down the side to coordinate with your t-shirts, this way you can bring a few in your suitcase to mix and match your outfits.


One of the biggest trends to re-emerge over the last few years is sliders. What were once solely basketball shoes have now been adapted to suit streetwear style clothing, with many sportswear companies designing their own variations. Sliders are ideal for the beach, by the pool, at the gym and just about anywhere. Their comfort combined with effortless style have made them the most popular footwear of 2018.


Trainers were one of the starting points for sports luxe wear, with brands like Adidas and Nike forever competing for number 1 spot. With range’s including Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas on “Yeezy’s” and Nike’s “Air Max” sneakers, wearing trainers as everyday wear, not just for the gym, is a trend that’s grown astronomically over the recent years. Mixing brands is still a controversial topic when it comes to streetwear, but you should make your own rules. Trainers are ideal for summer when teamed with streetwear shorts and t-shirt for achieving a casual summer look.

Style it out

There are no set rules when it comes to styling streetwear, just make sure to put your own spin on it and make it your own. Whether you opt for a designer twin set or budget shorts and mens printed t-shirts, wearing streetwear as everyday wear is a trend that won’t be going anytime soon. Learn more about the dressing ideas for the summer season, on this website:

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