Who’s Shaping The Fashion Industry Right Now?

The fashion industry and its market have been lately seeing a drastic change in their horizons: what a couple of years ago was a market dominated by “sober pieces on a budget” (that led to brands like Zara and Primark’s rise) today has been completely reshaped: with the rise of luxury streetwear and brands like OFF-White, for example, we are now seeing how the whole idea of sobriety and “relaxed fashion” has been overcome by the idea of having one of a kind pieces that not many will be able to buy in the near future. This is why luxury streetwear brands are reshaping the entire fashion business even with simple pieces like a designer trucker cap.

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Virgil Abloh, The One Who Started It All

Virgil Abloh was the man behind Kanye West’s creative and artistic image. Starting from that, Abloh’s very own brand OFF-White became an icon either on a design’s point of view and given his business’s approach to the market’s “supply and demand”. Right now Virgil is Louis Vuitton’s creative director, a position that basically granted him the fashion business’ throne.

A very interesting fact about Virgil’s very own business vision is the fact that, during his career, he stretched his horizons, especially if we take his collaborations into consideration. Abloh’s recent ones include IKEA and Nike, just to reference a few.

The Supreme Business Idea

Supreme is probably the definition of “hypebeast streetwear” now. Their whole business model relies on creating products that are “one of a kind” and therefore their entire brand awareness relies on reselling exploitation and “having an iconic piece”. To better put this last bit in context, their BOGO Hoodie (BOGO stands for Box Logo) is currently the most copied clothing piece by Chinese resellers, stating the fact that their mission was accomplished.

Indie Designers Are Going Strong

Anti Social Social Club is a brand that, as mentioned for Supreme above, is relying on creating mens designer fashion that has uniqueness as its goal. ASSC was a little clothing design studio in LA that had no big expectations before their flannel shirt became iconic. Taking them as an example, it’s relatively easy to see how many indie designers decided to step into the game by either creating their own brand or by contacting big ones asking for collaborations.

To Conclude

Fashion is a hard game that not many are willing to play, however, given the fact that with today’s social media being the easiest way to reach people, we will be able to see many more niche-indie brands rising to the top even with a simple staple piece like designer trucker caps. Will they still respect their uniqueness or will they become a “corporate fashion powerhouse”? Learn more about the factors which directly impact the fashion industry, on this website:

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