Cream away that pesky body hair

pesky body hair

Depilatory creams offer the simplest, most painless way to remove hair. Have you tried one yet?

The hot weather has us all scrambling for cover and looking for iced drinks to sip on. This is the season for light cotton clothing, sleeveless tops and linen shorts. The skimpier the clothing, the more comfortable you will be in the summer heat.

But exposing more skin is accompanied by another problem – removing the unwanted hair from the body. Not only is it not a very pretty sight, it also traps sweat and dirt and makes the skin smell bad. The question is not whether you should remove the body hair, the question is which method you should adopt to remove it.

Shaving is often most women’s first choice for body hair removal, since it is quick and painless. But the razor blades strip the skin off its essential moisture, and there is also the possibility of mistakenly nicking the skin. Several women try waxing for the summer, and it is often a long lasting hair removal method. But despite its obvious advantages – less hair regrowth, more time in between consecutive waxing sessions – it is often not preferred because it causes redness and discomfort.

Wait, there’s one more hair removal method that is quite popular and it is completely painless as well. We’re referring to hair removal using depilatory creams.

Why use depilatory creams?

Apart from being completely painless, depilatory creams offer wide and uniform coverage and effective hair removal in under five minutes. The cream is applied directly to the hair, and allowed to settle for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the cream starts working on dissolving the hair from just below the surface of the skin. The hair is now reduced to a jelly-like consistency and it is easily wiped away using a flannel or cleaning sponge.

The hair is not pulled out by the roots, such as in waxing, so it does recur faster in about four days. But the hair regrowth takes longer as compared to shaving, in which the hair starts growing back in just a day. Also, the best depilatory creams such as those by Veet rarely cause any side effects. In fact, use of Veet depilatory cream nourishes the skin and hydrates it, making it soft with every application.

Veet depilatory creams are also available in a sensitive skin variant, and you can safely use them all over the body, including the bikini line area and arm pits. Depilatory creams are ideal for last minute touch-ups, or when you don’t have too much time for hair removal at your disposal. Veet hair removal creams get to work at once and you might not require more than three minutes to remove the hair completely.

Regular use of Veet hair removal creams gives you the smooth, gorgeous and hairless skin that you have always craved.

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