Internet Based Solutions for Business Communication

The modern business relies on the Internet for their web requirements, and by using the very same digital highway, it is possible to set up a voice communication system that takes your business communication to another level. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gives you crystal clear calls to any landline or mobile number, at a fraction of the cost, and with a cloud based system, authorised staff can access the system from any location.

Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud hosted VoIP offers a business the flexibility of accessing the system from any location, and with state of the art headsets, your employees can do away with regular telephones and connect to their laptop or smartphone, making communication so much easier. The system can easily be accessed from any web browser, and each person has their own username and password, which keeps things secure.

Call Monitoring

As a business owner, it is natural to want to reduce running costs, and by monitoring all calls, you can get a clear picture of all incoming and outgoing calls, and it is even possible to have calls recorded, which you can play back at any time.

Range of Equipment

Modern offices are moving away from the traditional telephone, and with portable headsets, one can simply plug in and you are connected. There is a range of cordless phones for those who are always on the move when in the office, and for receptionists, there are professional headsets that can be comfortably worn all day. If a sales person is out in the field and wishes to call a client, he or she can simply login from their laptop and make the call, and with access to voicemail boxes, key people will always be informed.

Bespoke System Design

Whether your business is a small, local concern or a multi-national corporation, a VoIP system can provide you with everything you need. The system can be configured to deal with hundreds of incoming calls if needed, or if you only wish to cover outside office hours calls, the range of packages would ensure you find the right services for your business.

Programmed Hardware

Once you have joined up with a VoIP provider, you will be issued with usernames and passwords for all your employees, and they will send you the programmed hardware devices and all you have to do is plug them into the wall sockets and they are ready to use. All your extension numbers can be configured, and with a professional call holding facility, your calls will always be handled promptly and efficiently.

Having all your calls going through a VoIP PBX system, you will save on your regular voice call bills, and because the system is Internet based, you can call any number, mobile or landline, anywhere in the world. The level of control it gives you makes it a very attractive alternative to your regular phone provider, and with an easy to use interface, you can instantly make any changes to the system.

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