Western Pressure Controls: A Leading Name in the History of Wireline Tools Manufacturing

It’s quite hard to work on the wireline tools manufacturing. It needs much potential and responsibility for the well’s pressure. And little things can affect highly.

One of the robust qualities of Western Pressure Controls is that they work hand-in-hand. They maintain a proper routine. And due to their efficiency and speedy procedure of tool’s design and manufacturing, they have already excelled in this field.


Precise jobs of Wireline Tools:

  • Logging:

This tool is utilized for collecting data from the well. With this process, data is sent up the well via a mono-conductor line attached to a computer panel functioned by a software program. The integrity of the cement surrounding the different casings is reported by this data. And this is one of the most necessitous elements to shielding our environment from contamination caused by well fluid migration.

The cement measurement is also essential since the cement seals gas and oil zones and just enables gas and oil for flowing into the casing and not around and up the casing’s outside.

  • Perforating:

This is the procedure of making small holes through the well casing which enables availability for the fracturing fluid for entering the creation; thus, permitting natural gas for entering the well bore. If the job needs perforating, that is when they basically bring out the explosives.

There are many steps to the procedure starting with a mono-conductor line which is utilized for putting the Perforator tool down the well. The next tool is the CCL that displays depth through the signal sent to a PC. Ultimately, the gun string is put into function. The gun string comprises of numerous parts which are connected electrically. Working with the explosives implies numerous balances and checks are in order. The switches which separate the guns are rechecked to make sure shooting at the exact location decided.

There are many complexities working with explosives like welding, electrical storms, stray currents or stray voltage only to name a few. It is of optimal necessity that the person with the control of the explosives ensures that the ambiance around the area is not complex. Perforating is a secure task provided every strict regulation which is followed.

  • Always under pressure:

It’s a safety and production issue to keep the well under pressure. The wireline tools are used for measuring to control the pressure of wells.

The performance of Western Pressure Controls is excellent towards efficient production and safety. We basically possess a bigger part of the responsibility for the integrity of the well as it connects to the environmental effect of fracking. This responsibility is dealt by an expert and dedicated team of professionals. Western Pressure Controls has a wide popularity for the excellent manufacturing of wireline tools. Usage of new and advanced technology is the best priority of this wireline tools manufacturer. We believe in technological advancement and so we have emerged our products. In order to know more details about us and our products, you are requested to visit our official site:

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