Windows Blue Screen Errors: Some easy steps to fix it

Most of you already have experienced this blue screen error on your PC. It is also referred to as BSOD (blue screen of death) or Stops error. You encounter this problem in OS when your PC is either having software or hardware related error. It causes Windows to crash frequently and restart. It may cause data loss in your system if you fail to save the programs beforehand. In the case of occurrence of BSOD, a file ‘minidump’ is created automatically by your Windows. It is saved on the PC’s hard disk. You can view the error information regarding this issue which can help in finding a suitable solution. These steps are much useful to overcome the problem. Just try them and see if the problem is resolved.


Steps to deal with blue screen errors

By following these simple steps, you will get to know how to fix the Windows blue screen errors on your PC.

System Restore

If you experience blue screen error on your PC and there is no important data present on your hard drive, you can perform a system restore that will take it back to the previous well-configured state. If any preservation of data is needed, save it beforehand by using a web based on external storage space.

Malware Scan

Blue screen error can cause due to malware in your system. It will reach into the system’s registry and make it unstable. This malware can be harmful to your PC and is the main reason for the system crash. To solve blue screen error, you should go for an anti-malware and scan your PC to remove malware.

Update Drivers

Using system driver, your PC communicates with the hardware. If your system driver is installed incorrectly or have been bugged, then it can cause the BSOD. You can download all the latest updates for your system drivers using the manufacturer’s official websites. In most cases, installing the proper drivers can erase this BSOD error.

Boot in Safe Mode

If you go to boot your system in te safe mode, you can easily remove unnecessary programs or updates that are causing this blue screen error on your PC. To run your PC in safe mode, hold the shift key and press F8. It will open the recovery mode in your system through which you can go to Windows Startup Settings. Then press restart option. During the system startup press F8. It will open the safe mode operation.

Hardware Problems

You should check if your hardware components like cards, internal cables are attached to your PC securely. If any of the components is not properly attached, it can cause blue screen error. Even a defective hardware component in your PC can cause overheating and then leads to blue screen error. You should check for any hardware problems on your PC that can cause BSOD.

If the blue screen error persists in your system, then you may have to reinstall the Windows in your PC to fix this issue from root level.


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