Questions to Ask When Searching for Criminal Lawyers in Brampton

If you have been charged with a crime, your initial reaction may be disbelief. After that, you may feel a bit numb and confused because you are feeling lost about what you should do. Your reaction is quite normal. A lot of people charged with crimes usually go through the emotions mentioned above but it is how they continue with their lives that will change the outcome of the event that has taken place. If you are encountering this issue at present time, make sure that you choose a criminal defence lawyer Brampton at the soonest possible time.


Choosing from a wide variety of Brampton criminal defense lawyers can be complicated because you have so many to choose from. If you would search online, you will come up with a lot of names. You cannot be sure if any of the lawyers that are mentioned are worth checking out. It is still best if you would ask your family members and friends for recommendations. It is likely that they can give a few names of lawyers that can be trusted. If the severity of the situation has not sunk in yet, remember that if proven guilty, you will have a criminal record. There is also a possibility that you would lose your job. You may also sever ties with some people. You need to find a lawyer who can also help you with all of these other issues.

Remember that some lawyers are very busy because they handle more than one case. At times, they can only give consultations. If in case you find some lawyers who are willing to meet up with you for an initial consultation that is usually free, it will be ideal if you can ask the right questions. Their way of answering the questions will let you know if they are right for you or not. The first step is to always ask about their background so that you can assess their skills. You need lawyers who are intelligent and can make fast decisions that concern you and your case.

You can also ask the lawyer if he has always been a criminal defense lawyer. There are some lawyers who used to be general lawyers but have decided to specialize in something else later on. Those with specializations may have studied more than the general lawyer. You should also remember that the lawyer that you have hired to create your will is not the same with a criminal defense attorney. They have different specialties. What lawyers specialize in is important so make sure that you ask if the lawyer specializes in cases similar to yours. You can contact Mitch Engel, lawyer Brampton for more details.

You also have to ask the lawyer some assessment regarding you case. You could ask what would happen if you plead guilty or if you would protest your innocence, what are the chances that you are going to win the case. It is important that the lawyer will give you straight answers. A lawyer that says that your case can be won without knowing the facts is just trying to keep your hopes up. Choose a Brampton criminal lawyer that will be completely honest with you and will tell you the various things you can do to improve your case.

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