Crucial Things To Do With Your First Salary

Receiving the first paycheck is one of the most special feelings in one’s life. This is the day you finally realize that your whole month of sleepless nights, struggling of getting a job, early morning interviews, stress and possibly the rapid weight loss that accompanied the struggle of finding a job was all worth it.

All those extra hours you put in, don’t seem like the waste anymore and you will probably have the smile of happiness on your face. Now, the big question is that what are you going to do with the money?

Of course, you are earning for yourself if you are a fresher and have no extra mouth to feed. The salary is all yours. You can spend every single penny according to your wish but you should forget about the bills and rents to be paid.

As a first-timer, if you don’t have any clue about handling the finance for the month, this article is here to help you to balance your needs and your wants and make sure, you are not a broke by the end of the month.

Plan Efficiently:

We may or may not be echoing the slogan “ saving is the way of life” but saving with a proper plan is actually necessary. The first step to manage your finance always come up with a right planning and proper implementation.

Make an excel sheet and note down all your necessary expenditures.

First, you need to note down all the primary expenses like gas bills, electricity bills, internet, grocery bills etc. These primary expenses are known as the first tier expense and once the list of your first tier expenses is done, you need to focus on making the second tier expenses like non-mandatory small expenses that you would incur on a monthly basis.

Once you are done with the expense list making, you should put that particular amount of money aside and don’t even touch it.

Pay Your Debts:

After making the entire budget plan for the month, the first thing that you need to do is pay off your debts. Whether it’s your best friend or sibling, and even if they say it’s all right, you must pay them back.

Always remember the truth is that the closer you are to someone, the difficulty that person feels to ask you for the money. But that’s doesn’t mean you keep freeloading on their goodwill because they really worked hard to earn the money.

Don’t wait till the last moment they are compelled to ask you for the money and things become really awkward.

Don’t Get Greedy:

You will obviously feel tempted to buy everything, especially after receiving the first check but it can burn a hole into your pocket. You must control the temptation. There’s no point of blowing your whole month’s salary off on a “right now” temptation or else you will have to face all the money crunch related problems for the rest of the month.

Treat Your Family and Friends:

No matter how much your first salary is, you should take some money from it and something for your family and friends who stuck by you and gave you all the support during the challenging job searching time. You can let them know your gratification, love, and respect by ordering a delicious cake. If your family and friends reside in Delhi, you can easily go for cake delivery service in Delhi from any online cake shop. Not only in Delhi, rather these online cake stores allow you to send cakes and gifts to different cities like Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mohali and many other cities in India.

Save Some and Live Some:

You don’t need to plan too far into the future but taking a bit of your salary won’t be a bad decision. Deposit a particular amount of cash in your savings account and make it a monthly habit. You may think that it’s not necessary right now but check your account balance one year later and you will be motivated to save for more.

Now you might have gotten some effective planning for your first salary and it’s time to implement it in a proper manner. Learn more about the most important and relatively less important things to do in your professional life, on this website:

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